Michelle Bella: Dr. Conrad Murray "Sounded Tired" the Morning Michael Jackson Died

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Dr. Conrad Murray "sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep whatever" just a few hours before Michael Jackson died, a stripper says.

Michelle Bella, one of three women Murray was juggling at the time, met MJ's personal doc at the Spearmint Rhino gentleman's club in Vegas in '08.

Bella told detectives that on June 25, 2009, Dr. Murray left a message on her phone at about 8:30 a.m. It sounds like the physician was just beat.

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Bella told cops Murray had mentioned Jackson to her before and said:

"I mean his schedule was obviously, you know ... I know that he was like up all hours because of his work so when - so when he called, you know, he sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep or whatever."

A long-held theory among law enforcement is that Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug [Propofol] was administered to MJ and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

It may make his claim that Michael Jackson killed himself even more dubious.

On an unrelated note, you gotta read how Conrad met Michelle:

Bella told cops about the magic moment when she met Murray at Spearment Rhino: "He came in there with his scrubs and he was there with like a client of his."

Bella, then studying to be a chiropractic assistant, says, "We were just sharing some like, you know, medical knowledge and I know he was intrigued with me."

Murray must have been intensely impressed with her medical knowledge. She "sat with him for about roughly like an hour and a half and he paid me $1,000."

So heartwarming.


Ihave seen on the internet that MJ spirit has been seen in the mansion and on the hood of a vehicle that was on the market for sale.Hopefully,justice will be served and MJ can R.I.P.


MJ spent his entire life entertaing the world. He never had a childhood of his own.YES he did have issues that no one took the time to address,nor insisted that he got the medical and professional help he was in need of.After his third procedure on his face that was a cry for help then.


Your very hot, let's talk


I also remember hearing that Michael only had 6 months to live although it was said to be untrue....it is quite strange how he did in fact DIE 6 months later. I'm starting to question whether or not his death was an accident or not.


What about the radio station that said MJ was dead of an overdose Nov or was it Dec 2008. What about Ian Halperin who said MJ was dying and only had 6 months to live. What about the tabloids saying he had 6 months to live. And then 6 months later MJ is dead. Isn't that strange? It is like an Agatha Christie novel. Everybody think it's obvious that Murray killed him. But maybe the truth is what we least expect it to be. If Murray goes to jail or not it won't bring MJ back. RIP MJ The world miss you.


Wow, a THIRD woman that he was talking to instead of helping MJ... and here I thought 2 was despicable enough!


It seems like the world won't know the truth about what happened to MJ any time soon. Or should I say never. The trial will not be about the truth. It will be about which side have the best laywers. And the police screwed up the tape! That's strange! Very strange indeed!!!!! And La Toya told her story a billion times with exact same words. Like she was reading a script. That is strange too.

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