Leah Messer and Corey Simms: Inside the Breakup and Battle For the Twins

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It's really over for Leah Messer and Corey Simms.

That much has been established at this point. It's just a question of why, and what will happen to the couple's poor little twin girls in the aftermath of the split.

OK! reports that shaking hands, Leah Messer lit a cigarette to stop herself from crying as she read her husband Corey's Facebook flirtation with another girl.

“I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” the message read.

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Battle For the Twins!

The words broke Leah's heart, and tears streamed down her face as her friend Kayla tried to comfort her - even though she had already filed for divorce days earlier.

Just the same, the Teen Mom 2 star is having a hard time facing the fact that her six-month marriage to Corey, the father of her twins, Ali and Aleeah, is over.

The battle between the young couple is about to get uglier, with Corey expected to ask for sole custody, and Corey’s parents prepared to help him financially.

Apparently there are "explosive secrets" that will determine who gets the girls, and according to fellow celebrity news magazine In Touch, abuse allegations.

We have no doubt this is a messed up situation, but putting Leah on the same cover as Jenelle Evans? That's gotta hurt almost as bad as Corey's Facebooking.

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I know how bad you probably feel about the divorce but you and cory should get back together what child's parents want their kids to grow up having to deal with divorced parents??? Nobody I know I wouldn't and it's not fun either my parents are divorced and it sucks but wht i m trying to say is you guys should go back out you two make a cute couple!:)


I think they should get back togther get councleing give leaha another chance n girl prove yourself to him n be good to him he a good man I no being teen mom hard but if u love him n your girls u both will make it work try hard dont give up


I hope you guys get back together! you guys were such a good couple! come on guys just get along and get over it! i hope you guys get to share the girls! nobody should get conside. i think you guys should share!


Amber, A Teen Mom star makes over three hundred thousand dollars a year from Teen Mom and interviews regarding the show. When she went to court over the abuse allegations she had to show a copy of her income and it was released into public record. These girls make more then some people with an eight year degree.


I so thought these two were going to make it. I loved them both together with their precious girls. I believe that Leah is a great mother so he should not take those girls from her. They should split custody. I do not know anything other than what I saw. Leah and Cory were great parents. They should not make those girls suffer anymore than they can help it.


This is what happens when people do boom-boom and not think of the consequences. The victims are their innocent babies. Too often, young people are guided by their junk so much so that their eyes and heart are blinded by the spewing spunk. Yep. That's what I think


Uh MTV does help them financially - they pay them for their time on the show. What they do with the money is their business.


I just hope & pray that they can work out their difficulties especially for the sake of their babies; the twin girls. MTV has no problem putting their lives on display .. How I wish MTV would help them both financially to seek the counseling they both so desperately need.

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