Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Showcase Dancing With the Stars "Assets"

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With their undeniable chemistry, her personality and his shirtlessness, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy seem like a lock for the Dancing With the Stars finals.

Last night, their samba "sent shockwaves through the airwaves" (according to Bruno) and Maks helpfully pointed out both his and Kirstie's posterior attributes.

Even better than their performance, which earned a solid 26, was the segment with her resting her head in his lap while Maks gave her encouragement.

Everybody, all together now: AWW!


I think Kirstie is doin great.... Hats off to her!!


Here is the deal! Alli just MUST FEEL THE BEAT! Hear the music, move from your knees and the rest will take oveR! That is all she is missing because the rest will follow! FEEL THE BEAT, MOVE FROM YOUR KNEES, YOUR MIND WILL TAKE OVER THE RYTHM AND THE BEAT! ba ba bam ba baaa!


Provided mishaps and injury are behind her, Kirstie IS on of the best dancers on the show and should make the finals (Dee, Kirstie's hip action, hand placement and lines are much better than those of Ralph, who I too hope makes the finals).


I disagree. I think they do so well. Their chemistry IS undeniable and it works for them and the show. Team G-Mak, woot!


I agree with you 100%. I can't tell you why. This happens ever so often with these judges. What bothers me with Kirstie is telling that she's a size 6. Well, that's not right! I wish you were Kiristi. You'd probably look better on the dance floor! Don't you think, Dee?


CRAZY to think Kirstie will make the finals. So many better than her. In fact ALL are better. The judges are off their mark this season. Very POOR judging. They are to easy on Kirstie and to hard on Ralph. He is one of the best. They never give him a break. And Kirstie gets all the breaks! Can someone tell me why?


Kirstie + Maksim you both do a great job, and you're both
Hotie's You both make a great couple go to the top and win.

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