Jenelle Evans Pleads Guilty to Drug Charge

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Jenelle Evans pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia today.

Two other charges - marijuana possession and breaking and entering, stemming from an incident last year - were dismissed after her guilty plea.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Prosecutors are giving her a chance to clear her record by performing 24 hours of community service, at which point the charge will be dropped.

Jenelle, who got popped busting into an abandoned house to smoke pot, was also recently arrested for doling out that savage ass-whomping.

This is one of the few Jenelle Evans images we have that you won't also find in our celebrity mug shots gallery. She actually looks somewhat normal here!

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owe to be a good mom Jellen


well i thank she can be a good mom but she has not been a good mom so she need to get off durgs and OWE up to be a mom


Oh, Jenn. You have no right to talk about me or Jenelle, you Snooki wannbe. You have no class, obviously, cussing on a forum that everyone and anyone can read. I SAID jenelle is great entertainment and she is. Is she a good mom, But she is great fun to watch, as is Mrs. Portwood. They make the show, they raise the ratings. Dr. Drew says she is lovable, and I have the utmost respect for him, and if you would pay attention you low class b*tch, you would know he doesn't think much of Barbara either. Everyone needs to chill, it is just a tv show. Get real! You people waste so much energy getting mad and angry over people you do not even know. Take a xanax and chill out.


You P.O.S. bitch, you don't deserve Jace or your mother helping your sorry immature dumb ass! You keep on smokin your pot and haning around losers and you will go far! You have no clue how lucky you are to have your mother to help you and all you do is fuck it up every time! Your lucky your mother has custody cuz CPS would have been all over you! Fuckin grow up and take care of your child!!


to rules, ethics, and standards? I can't believe camera crews
film this stuff and producers are so low they go for this. I'd rather flip hamburgers as be a part of this. At least you are not
part of someone else's ruination. Ever heard of the Bible?


Shame on whatever television station that groads kids into drugs and fighting to televise for ratings with promise of money. Taking advantage of poor uneducated kids is not anything to be proud of an then sit back to laugh. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? Ever heard of helping hand or the golden rule? I guess that's too far above you. No wonder the world and America is in
such sad shape. I don't think any of the kids should be charged with anything. Talk about being led down the garden path. I'd be ASHAMED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY PART OF THIS. TSK TSK


it is obvious she Janelle cares about herself who she can have sex with getting her next high and starting fights
thank god her son Jayce has his grandmother to take care of him
because he sure the hell doesn't have a real mother to love care for and protect him
real-wishes dot com where your wishes become reality


To everybody talking shit on jenelles'd be crazy too if you had ungrateful shit stain as a child too...just the stupid bitch talkin about her don't give a shit attitude...your as fucked up in the head as she is...she has a child now that she is setting an example for so she needs to start "giving a shit"


I can NOT stand Jenelle what so ever! I understand that she is "young" but enough is a enough! Grow the hell up Jenelle you have a handsome baby boyy & you show day in an day out just how much you don't care to be a Mother! It's absolutly freaking ridicolus! Pretty much to make a long story short...Jenelle is a WASTE of space on Teen Mom! I say MTV fire's her ass & hire's an actual Teen MOTHER! (Key Word) MOTHER! Hahahaha!!! : )


I actually love Jenelle. I love her don't give a sh*t attitude, she is great entertainment. I know evveryone else in the world hates her, but being raised by her nutjob mother would make anyone the way she is. She is a product of her environment. Gotta love her, she is much more fun than Chelsea, aka boring, Houska. I hope to meet Ms. Evans one day.