Government Shutdown 2011: What You Need to Know

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Negotiations continue in an effort to forestall the great federal government shutdown of 2011, but both parties continue to dig in their heels in D.C.

With all the rhetorical arguments, the finger pointing and buzzwords surfacing around this potentially cataclysmic event, it's easy to get confused.

It's also crucial to stay informed about what really matters.

Lucky for you, THG's here. Here are 10 things you need to know about the impending shutdown, which will occur at midnight if no deal is reached:

Barack, John B
  1. The President is the tanner of these two guys, but not by that much.
  2. Congress' awesome 23 percent approval rating may REALLY tank!
  3. FEAR NOT, Congress will still be paid, though. Their staff? Nah.
  4. Planned Parenthood funding is involved. We're not going there.
  5. The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is being sent in to mediate.
  6. You may actually get a reprieve from all that junk mail soon!
  7. 2011 is not 1995. No, seriously, it's not. It's 16 years later.
  8. The United States government can't figure out how to cut spending, or raise taxes to pay for all that spending, or some combination thereof.
  9. Donald Trump will somehow use this to plug Celebrity Apprentice, tout his fiscal conservative credentials, and question Obama's nationality.
  10. THG will remain open throughout any shutdown. Many services face lengthy interruption and an uncertain future, but not celebrity gossip.

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I agree that military should be paid, but who are you to say that people on welfare are less deserving? People are out there that have worked and paid in to taxes and are now unemployed and receiving benefits, so just because you may not get paid don't point your finger elsewhere. I have family members that are disabled and can not just go out and get a job, what about them? Would it make you happy to have even more Americans affected? Fight for what's right, but don't push others down in your fight.


Agree Beth! As a government worker in California, I feel and totaly agree that it has gone all backwards!! And you would get more money if you weren't married and have more kids!
Thanks all to our damn government! Pay the military first and foremost! They are top priority not stupid congressmen!


I find it appauling that our militry will not be paid, however congessmen and welfare recpients will be. As a military wife with 5 children I would be better off getting divorced and getting welfare as they still got a raise the last 2 years whereas we did not (oh and if they stop military pay, welfare and congress will still receve their checks WTFG)...SO much for family values!!


does that mean my daughters disabilty money wont come next month


I actually read this thinking there'd be something of substance and information that is actually important to know -____-