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Kendra Wilkinson can’t seem to escape her wild past.

The latest development in the former Playboy centerfold’s saga is the discovery of yet another Kendra sex tape, this time starring another girl!

Reports say the new tape shows Wilkinson, her ex-boyfriend Justin Frye and Kendra’s friend, Taryn Ryan, going to town for close to an hour.

Mischa Barton at a Fashion Show
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Sources who have seen the tape say it’s reminiscent of Paris Hilton.

“Kendra and Taryn started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off,” a source said. “But the camera recording it had night vision.”

“It looks like the Paris Hilton porn tape. Everything is completely clear.”

That’s … awesome? Probably depends if the first Kendra sex tape was your cup of tea. Like that one, this leaves “nothing left to the imagination.”

In May 2010, a sex video surfaced showing Justin Frye feverishly tapping that. Dubbed Kendra Exposed, it was subsequently released by Vivid.

While Kendra told media outlets that she was “humiliated” by this “nightmare,” she made a cool $680,000 from it and even shopped it herself.

It’s unclear if she’ll profit as handsomely this time around, but here’s some additional descriptive material about the girl-on-girl style romp:

“The girls are laughing at first, and the guys encouraged them to kiss. They started kissing while giggling and then things got hotter.”

“It’s a long tape, about 45 minutes. Nothing left to the imagination.”

Just tell us where to enter our credit card number now, right guys?