Who Will Portray Sarah Palin in New HBO Film?

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A four-time Oscar nominee has been tapped to play political celebrity Sarah Palin in HBO Films' upcoming adaptation of the bestseller Game Change.

Based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's book, the film centers on insider gossip and inner workings of the '08 McCain and Obama campaigns.

Game Change depicts Palin as a lightning rod, a wild card way out of her depth and unprepared for the national spotlight. So who will portray her?

Probably not someone who jumps out at you right away ...

Oh, You Betcha

It's Julianne Moore! Was Tina Fey not available?

To play the Thrilla from Wasilla, Julianne Moore will not only have to work on her folksy colloquialisms, the outspoken Democrat will have to cross the aisle.

Moore, an Academy Award nominee for Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far from Heaven and The Hours, has advocated for a range of liberal causes.

No word yet on who will play John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bristol Palin or the other key players from the historic 2008 presidential race.

Julianne's casting was first reported by Yahoo. What do you think of her taking on the role? Can she pull off a convincing Palin? Is there a better option?


i dont know why julianne moore would lower herself by playing a complete doofus like palin! she may be a lot older than palin but she is way smarter & really good looking for her age. palin looks like a troll!


Let sarah palin play herself and bring to light the real stories during that campaign


I don't think there's an actress that can act dumb enough to play Palin:) Oh wait how about Paris Hilton!


JM is too old and pale for the role. Nevertheless, she is a good actor, but don't know if she can bring the playful energy to depict SP. I guess we'll see what happens.


I think britney spears also would have been a smart choice. She would have gone method actor and moved to alaska.


Shop-worn lefty sadsack Julianne Moore is far too old to portray hard-charging super hottie Sarah Palin. Better get Megan Fox.

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