Tom Brady Dons Ponytail, Dances, Shames Patriots Fans Everywhere

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Now we know why Tom Brady was not invited to appear on Dancing with the Stars this season.

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback traveled to Rio de Janiero this week to celebrate the tradition known as "Carnival." Cameras captured the Patriots star on the street during the event, donning a ponytail and attempting to shake his groove thing.

The result, as seen here? More embarrassing than Brady's performance against the Jets in the 2011 playoffs. Then again, who are we to judge? The quarterback did go back to his hotel with THIS after the celebration.


It's Rio de JANEIRO. It's not a tradition known as Carnival, it's a carnival just like everywhere else (i.e. Venice, Italy or Mardi Gras). I dare any of you to try to samba, it's a subtle, complex movement - it may seem simple, not the case


Are you nuts?! T dude is great, and he's not even dancing, he is just moving! Go to Carnival yourselves!


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