Gisele Bundchen: Smoldering, Fashionable in V

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Here are six more reasons to hate Tom Brady, a.k.a. the Justin Bieber of the NFL.

His 30-year-old wife Gisele Bundchen, who gave birth to their son Benjamin back in December 2009, shows off her amazing body in V Magazine.

The spread, entitled "Gisele Unzipped," has her posing in leather jackets, lace bras, snakeskin skirts and the like, all in artful black and white.

Click to enlarge some of the Gisele Bundchen pictures from the publication:

Gisele in V
Gisele Shows Her Abs
Bundchen in V
She Can't Bear to Look
Gisele Topless Picture
Smoldering Gisele

Not hard to see why Gisele is the world's highest-paid model, is it? Pick up the latest issue of V Magazine for more photos of Gisele. [Photo Credits: V]


I agree she's just a bit mannish, but its only because in these three pics it's hard to see the feminine hourglass shape. Usually she's gorgeous.


If you hunch over and you don't see any definion you are wayyyyy to chubby. fyi.


O.K. no she does not look lik a man but the bones sticking out of her back in not that hot though.


Gisele looks gorgeous.Barbbie jealousy makes you look fatter.


Gisele looks like a man

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