Tareq Salahi Threatens to "Expose" Dr. Drew, Refuses to Pay Michael Lohan Rent

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Earlier this week, Michaele Salahi was kicked off Celebrity Rehab because she lacked the one thing people entering rehab typically possess - addiction.

No clue why the show didn't establish this ahead of time, but Michaele's husband, Tareq Salahi is threatening to sue, and that's not even the half of it.

According to her husband Tareq, Michaele only agreed to do Celebrity Rehab to get help from Dr. Drew for a pre-existing condition: Multiple Sclerosis.

Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi

"She was leaning on Dr. Drew who is a respected doctor to get her through some of the issues after the White House," says fellow party crasher Tareq.

He adds that Michaele Salahi takes her MS condition "very seriously" and that it was the show that wanted her to pretend to be something she wasn’t.

Tareq says he now has plans of "exposing" Dr. Drew and the show.

"My wife takes her health very seriously, she has a real diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. We can show you  emails about what they wanted her to pretend to be, therefore, but that's going to come out later on with one of the major networks."

As for Michael Lohan's role in all this?

Lindsay's father also checked into Celebrity Rehab, and had allowed Tareq to live in his West Hollywood apartment while Michaele filmed the show.

But Monday night, Lohan was furious at Tareq, claiming he owed him rent for the apartment - $2,500 for three weeks - which Tareq didn't pay.

When the money wasn't paid promptly, Michael left the Pasadena Recovery Center, with cameras in tow, to confront Tareq at the apartment.

With a camera crew in tow, obviously, Michael returned to the apartment from Celebrity Rehab and the Pasadena Recovery Center to evict Tareq.

MiLo claims that he was successful. Guess we'll see in VH1!


Its pretty bad when you agree to host a birthday party for a dear friend and then sue people cause they did not pay. When it was them who was suppose to pay.


Well there is a shocker these two never pay for anything and all the do is sue. This is there job. Crash the white house parties and sue people.


I wasn't a fan of the Salahis but after seeing them on the Housewives of Washington DC I kind of felt like I understood them a little bit better.I think the Salahis just enjoy getting attention and going to parties.I heard Michelle went from being makeup stylist in a store to following her dreams of being some kind of socialite along side her husband.I'll give her and her husband credit for that.People always talk crap about them but you never hear them talking crap about anybody else.


The Salahis obviously have no money, they end up owing everyone they meet. These two grifters are way too full of themselves. She looks like an anorexic horse and he is a squatty little troll.


Hahaha they need to put Christina Haguilera on that show!


these losers and michael lohan need to go away and never return. they're all trash who will do anything to stay in the spotlight.


It's Celebrity Rehab.. for drug, alcohol, sex [addictions].. perhapds that's why the broad was kicked off. Lame people.. always trying to expose people for money. GET A FUCKIN JOB.


It's Celebrity Rehab.. for drug, alcohol, sex [addictions].. perhapds that's why the broad was kicked off. Lame people.. always trying to expose people for money. GETTING A FUCKIN JOB.

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