Tareq and Michaele Salahi to Sue VH1 Over Celebrity Rehab Firing?!

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The Salahis are idiots who need to take a long walk off a short pier.

We may have just risked litigation by saying that, because White House party crasher turned loser reality star Tareq Salahi is hinting that he may sue Celebrity Rehab for illegally firing his wife because of her "health condition."

Tareq and Michaele

It's unclear what "condition" Tareq is referring to, but whatever.

Barack would not approve of this nonsense.

Michaele Salahi has said that she suffers from multiple sclerosis, which we feel bad about and all, but milking it for Z-list fame won't get you sympathy.

Tareq and his lawyers issued a statement saying, "[Michaele] was fired due to her health condition [in] violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

Earlier this week, Tareq said that his wife's only addiction was "chocolate" ... leaving many wondering why she was even on the show in the first place.

They later said she went on the program to receive help from Dr. Drew to treat MS. It's not clear how the good doctor planned on doing so, however.


I've had MS myself and have tried everything but still can't seem to shake it. Still, it wouldn't have occurred to me to ask Dr. Drew for "treatment" on his TV show for addicts... Seriously, the Salahi's are beneath contempt. Their only addiction issue that I can see is to the spotlight, and to a free ride.


She had no addiction so she was fired from a show featuring people who are addicts. Far from illegal.
I know someone with MS and an addiction specialist Dr could not help with that and she knows it. They need to go away now.


Love the Salahis they really have got everyone's attention
Never heard of this re-hab show. Now I will watch this .


these people just lie for media attention. between this and crashing the white house party...wait why are they famous again? oh thats right...cause anyone can be a "celebrity" nowadays. that's the reason i don't watch reality tv.

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