Michaele Salahi: Kicked Out of Celebrity Rehab!

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White House party crasher and The Real Housewives of D.C. annoyance Michaele Salahi was just kicked off Celebrity Rehab. The reason for this is simple:

She has no actual addition.

Sources on the set say Michaele was asked to leave Dr. Drew's hit program because she has "no addiction," and thus had "no reason to be there."

It's a familiar theme for her ...

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Michaele is as unwelcome on VH1 as she is at the State Dinner.

Last week, we learned Michaele and Tareq Salahi were both cast on Rehab for reasons unknown. We feel bad that Michaele has MS, but ... you can't rehab that.

Apparently the producers had this realization a little late. Wouldn't you think the show could figure out that she wasn't an addict before they cast her?

Then again, they cast Michael Lohan and his "anger issues." Clearly they're just trying to score whoever they can for ratings and work out the details later.


with these two people, i dont believe she even has MS. its a devastating disease (i have it) but all i have seen with them are two pathetic, narcissitic people that require media attention and dont care whether they lie about things or not. i cant even feel sorry for them. they are just sad pieces of humanity


I feel bad for her too, maybe they should put her to sleep. All she and her loser husband have accomplished is to kill babies and children by stealing research money from charities so they can play Ken and Barbie. damn baby killers....


"She has no actual addition." Something about this story just doesn't add up ...


She has nothing wrong with her. What a failed attempt at more fame whoring. Nice try tariq...epic fail like past attempts.


This was a "stunt" by the show clearly. They used this girl for ratings. I truly feel sorry for her too, I believe she has ms and why did they hire her in the first place? to use her I guess.
I hope she stays well


I kind of feel sorry for her, she has a bad disease like MS and the only thing she can think about is trying to stay famous. Its pathetic.

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