Simon Cowell Pushes for Nicole Scherzinger on The X-Factor

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Nicki Minaj is out. Might Nicole Scherzinger be in?

The hip hop star will not judge The X-Factor, but Simon Cowell himself sounds very close to naming the former Pussycat Doll as the second judge on his upcoming singing competition.

"I want her to do it, but we've got to get the deal done and find someone she has chemistry with," Cowell tells TV Guide. "I absolutely adore her. She was fantastic on the U.K. X Factor and I'm hopeful it will happen."

Former Pussycat Doll

Cowell says Cheryl Cole is in the mix and also explains his connection to L.A. Reid, who has been confirmed for the panel.

"I met him approximately fifteen years ago when he'd launched Pink for the first time. He put on a show and got every single person in the room to believe this person was a star. The way he presented her with his passion drew me to him and was a big part of why I chose him to be on the show. A "yes" or "no" from L.A. Reid should really mean something to the contestants."


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Cheryl is a bitch! Hate her! Nicole deserves a spot on the judges seats NOT cheryl-shes a spoilt brat that cries for everything! BITCH!
Haha Cheryl Jennifer Lopez doesn't know who you are! It must hurt when a superstar doesn't know you, guess your not so great are you Cheryl you Bitch!
Nicole Forever!


Look at me, im cheryl cole and im a dirty little chav, i hate black people and cant sing for shit! But its okay because the british public love me because im sexy! Even though ive had surgery on my lips and the rest has been done by makeup! Im fake and the british public are so dumb they dont even know that i cant sing LOL
I only made it big in UK coz of x factor and 'cause of my fake face!


Nicole Scherzinger should be a judge on USA X Factor since she is so talented, beautiful and a nice person with a big heart!!
I hope Simon Cowell doesn't make her host the show since she deserves a better part! LOVE YOU NICOLE!
EVERYONE BUY HER ALBUM 'KILLER LOVE'! ITS AMAZING! ps. We hate you Cheryl Cole-you can't sing and you only look good because of all that makeup!


Mann she is very beautiful that Nicole


Have a question it true that Pink launches fifteen years ago?

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