Pete Wentz-Ashlee Simpson Custody Fight Heats Up

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson shocked the masses when they split.

Taking things a step further, the once-amicable divorce process is turning ugly. Pete does NOT want his soon-to-be-ex to have primary custody of son Bronx.

P. Wentz and A. Simpson

He's now taking her to court as a result. Wentz just filed legal papers in response to Ashlee's divorce petition ... asking the judge for JOINT custody.

Ashlee had checked the box that indicated she wanted primary physical custody of Bronx Mowgli, 2, who was born shortly after the couple got married.

Wentz also wants each party to pay their own legal fees, even though Ashlee had asked the court to make Pete foot the bill for both parties.

Ashlee didn't specify the official break-up date, but Pete says the two called it quits February 9, right after Pete's wife-less Super Bowl Trip.

Pete's constant touring is believed to be the reason for the breakup.


I think that both are to blame for the split, and the sad thing is that the child is caught in the middle of it all. It's really sad and unfair that people get together have children and are not responsible or mature enough to raise them, you'd think they would have a solid relationship before they bring a child out into the world. Also if Pete had a drug problem, why did Ashley stay with him for? Takes two to tango, instead of trying for a family why didn't they uh you know help him quit the drugs. Foolishness.


don't understand why peopole even get marry because when they slpit it just hurt the kids and for pete he should've know not marry her anyways.


Constant touring??? Come on, every one knows they are divorcing because he is as queer as a 6 dollar bill.

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