Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Split Because of His Constant Touring, Source Says

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Ashlee Simpson filed divorce papers to end her marriage to Pete Wentz this week in a move that caught even cynical gossip readers by surprise.

The split is being called amicable, but it was her call, sources say, and due in large part to a series of arguments over Pete Wentz’s music career.

His commitment to touring with his band had been a sticking point between the two for some time now and finally led to Ashley filing for divorce.

Pete and Ashlee

It was good while it lasted. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

The 26-year-old former singer was “fed up” with her husband being away from home for extended periods of time and wanted him to focus on being a dad.

“Ashlee and Pete would argue constantly about him touring,” a source told Radar. “Since she gave birth to Bronx she hated him being away from home."

"She wanted him to stop the band life and work more on producing music, so he could be around to concentrate more on being a husband and father."

“She hated him being away and said she felt like a single mother."

“When Fall Out Boy went on hiatus things were great and it was just like old times, but Pete formed his new band and then he was off touring again."

“I think that Ash just finally had enough. She put all her musical aspirations to the side to concentrate on being a mom and it is a big bone of contention with her that Pete just swans off around the world with his buddies like he’s a single guy."

“They had a major fight in October before he headed off to Europe, but then tried to make a go of things over the holidays for the sake of Bronx."

“They decided to take a break to both cool off and reassess, and both realized it was bad for Bronx to be around parents fighting all the time."

“Pete is due to head off again on tour in a couple of months and I honestly think Ashlee filed for divorce as a way to shock him into canceling his plans, or at least modifying them and giving in to her demands to be with her and Bronx."

“It’s not going to work though, Pete’s not going to play that game."

“It’s a really sad situation because they do genuinely love each other, and I would pretty much swear that neither of them is seeing someone else – but they just want totally different things in life and neither one is willing to compromise.”

Well, there's your unsourced, anonymous but realistic-sounding update.


Who cares? I know I don't.


As a mother I agree with wanting the father to be around, asking him to produce instead isn't a bad idea. In the end it comes down to what's more important, your son wondering why daddy isn't home for the important stuff or your need to party... Pete went is an ego maniac douche she can do way better.


I do hop they work it out. It means more production time for him and when he goes on tour she and Bronx travel with him. That is the way it is done... compromise... It can be done.. hell Paul and Linda did it... make it work especially if you are each other's best friends...


did they real think it would last?????????????in hollywood???come on


ashlee is a "musician" too she should know how it is with tours just cause she wasn't a succes unlike her husband doesn't mean she should go to such lenghs just cause he wants pete to stop doing what he loves. if she really loves him you think she'd understand that...blond wentch -_-


She knew he was in a band before marriage did she really think that would change? And if she did, Why? That is how he makes a living! What a moron she is...


that is so sad!i really thought these two were solid!


The truth has to be told, he was not man enough for her, and another point Ashlee and her sister Jessica Simpson are so high maintenance, he probably couldn't keep up with her demands.


Uhmmm, ya marry a musician, don't you expect him to do "musician things"? What did she expect him to do to earn a living? Throw pizzas at Pizza Hut? Anyway, she's hot, he's not. She'll do fine without him.


Kid or no kid, she shouldn't be telling him what to do. For all she knows, the money from that band might be supporting her and that kid in the future.

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