Mel Gibson Moves to Strip Oksana Grigorieva of Custody of Lucia

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Perhaps this explains why Mel Gibson's mug shot painted such a grumpy, serious picture of the man this week. He's preparing for an all-out legal war.

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    I hate to go off topic somewhat..but man is that woman ever ugly.Even with plastic surgery she's still ugly.Mel buddy you were way too desperate.You literally got the devil.


    We agree with Rob and Bonnie. Mel wouldn't hurt his children and never has. He's not a danger to them. Oksana knew just how to set him off and was ready to hit the record button. Notice how she never recorded any of her tirades on him...nothing that showed how she fueled that his rage.
    If you listen to her voice, she is calm and in control. If she were really and truely afraid of him, it would be evident. Instead she leads him along to bleed every angry word she can use against him. She could care less about the baby. It was and is ALL about his money. He deserves full custody of his daughter and she deserves Nada.


    No Mel did not leave his wife for Oksana - Mel and his wife Robin were separated (not living together) for 2 years before he met Okanana.

    And, Robin,came forward last year, claiming that Mel was never physically abusive to her or the children during their 28 year marriage. Enuf said.


    Am I wrong or did Mel Gibson leave his wife for how many years over his affair with this girl? In my opinion, the chick might be a crazy but Mel certainly deserves her! The only one I feel bad for is the child.


    i agree with @bonnie completely


    Mel Gibson's insane. Someone should drag his ass behind their pick-up on a dirt highway going 55. Haha.


    He may be a raving lunatic when he's drinking, but his history shows he is a loving daddy to his kids and he truly loves them. She is a money-grubbing, fame-hungry, vixen who deserves to have minimum contact with this beautiful baby so the child is not infected with her poison. To use a child to extort money is disgusting. And that is exactly what she did. I am completely Team Mel.


    Maybe she is manipulative, but he's a pretty fucked up dude... No way he'll get full custody!

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