Kim Kardashian Needs Your Help

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For her first fragrance, Kim Kardashian came up with the witty name "Kim Kardashian." Pretty much sums up the creativity of these plastic reality star, doesn't it?

But at least Kardashian has now realized she needs assistance. The stiff pile of breasts Tweeted to followers last night: heading to a fragrance meeting. I need a name for my new perfume! Any cool ideas?

Getting Nails Done

We're so very glad you asked, Kim. A few suggestions:

  • Expressionless as Drywall by Kim K.
  • Eau de Ray J
  • Scent of a Talentless Woman

Your turn! What would you name Kim Kardashian's upcoming perfume?

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Kiara smiles you are stupid to write lile this and Kim probably will not even read this crap you wrote. apparently you ate still a kid and you have a foul mouth ti wtite sexually explicit things. How disgusting your parents let you get away with this.


These comments are super bitchy bt methinks kim is adorable.Kim u can cal ur perfume line kisses or kewl


heyb kim its me again still loving yah can you believe tha my bfffffffffffffffffffffff(i thought) waz going out with the same dude as me that like gay bi kissed him like french kiss and she told me yesterday that they kissed


Hey,kim i love you so much please contract


Im sensing alot of jealousy in these articles about Kim, Everything written about her has a negative tone to it, if u hate her so much stop writing about her!!


Yes Vagisil (LOL nice name BTW) the truth hurts so did getting rammed by Ray J in the ass.


she's soo cute to me [ no homo )


when is her 15 minutes up-i can't stand her! gross....


hey she is so nice call it natural lady


Call it "Burning Sensation"