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Enormous news out of the world of scripted drama today: Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge might be getting married!

“We’ve talked about marriage and we want to get married,” Tamra told Radar Online of her relationship. ““It’s an insane amount of love; I have never said term ‘soul mate’ before, but we are!”

The bond between Barney and Judge got off to a rough start, as Tamra’s ex-husband, Simon, says he was friends with Eddie when Tamra first started doing him. She denies this.

Tamra Judge and Sophia Barney
“Within the next year we’ll be married,” predicts the reality star, adding that her four kids all approve of Judge. “Eddie is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life; he’s understanding, he’s caring and he just really has a big heart.”

The irritating Real Housewife also says she and Eddie might adopt a child.