Justin Bieber Gets Waxed

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Unless you're willing to risk arrest and don a housekeeper's outfit, you probably won't get very close to Justin Bieber any time soon.

But fans can at least enjoy the next best thing, now that Madame Tussauds in London, New York and Amsterdam have unveiled wax statues of this 17-year old icon.

Justin himself posed with the British version of himself today, smiling a lot broader than the representation under his arm. Why so sad, fake Justin Bieber?!? You're about to get fawned over by millions of teenage girls...

Cutest Statue Ever
Justin Bieber Wax Statue
Adorable Wax Statue
Justin Bieber and Wax Justin Bieber
Adorable and Waxed
Madame Tussauds Photo

Said Bieber of this honor in February: "To be immortalized in wax alongside some of my idols - Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce and my mentor, Usher - is incredibly exciting and very cool."

[Photos: WENN.com]


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they both look cute!!!!


I like it! I think they did a great job as always.


not a good wax. the real dork has a MUCH bigger head.


Totally agree monkey! i think it's the hair, they did a bad job of it!


I have seen some great wax look alikes but this isn't one of them!!


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