Jessica Simpson to Judge X Factor?

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Jessica Simpson is the latest celeb rumored to be joining L.A. Reid as a judge on Simon Cowell's highly anticipated X Factor. She confirmed this - and her interest.

"They have definitely talked to me about X Factor," Simpson told WWD, adding of the upcoming show, "I think it would be a lot of fun. It's definitely my life."

"To be a mentor for up-and-coming artists is right up my alley. I would have loved to have had a mentor. I love watching people's dreams come true."

MENTOR: Jessica Simpson would be, like, so amazing as one.

The 30-year-old singer, who broke out at age 19 but has not had a hit song in years, still keeps mighty busy these days with a highly successful fashion empire.

She's also engaged to Eric Johnson. But they might elope anyway, so she can spare the time, and add credibility to the panel. Hey, she was a popular singer.

Rumors also hint that Nicole Scherzinger and British X Factor judge and pop star Cheryl Cole may join the panel, with Cowell confirming she's "in the mix."

Auditions for the show have already begun, so the judges (and hosts) will surely be confirmed soon. What do you think? Does Jess have what it takes?


Jessica Simpson is a joke. The Price of Beauty was a dud. Her Christmas special was a bigger dud. They could not give her christmas album away (free download with shoe purchase). Her country career - puhleaz. Her sister got on a show and nearly killed it. Seriously bad choise!


omg!! she s still fat!!!!!!!!


LOL is Joe Simpson. "They have definitely talked to me about X-Factor" means they told her to quit pestering for the job. Simon never said he wanted Jessica Simpson. He did say he wants Nicole Sherzinger: "I want her to do it, but we've got to get the deal done and find someone she has chemistry with," Cowell tells TV Guide. "I absolutely adore her. She was fantastic on the U.K. X Factor and I'm hopeful it will happen" He never said anything like this about the farty Jessica Simpson.


I think you must look at what Simon has said of Jessica. Above anyone else he has spoken about he has given the most Kudos to Jessica. He said she is very underrated as a singer. He said she knows her music & is very knowledgable & is very likeable.
Think about it he was goofy too. Don't be so quick to eliminate Jessica. She is the younger version of Paula. Look at the attention just a pair of scuba heels has gotten. She doesn't hold 3 & half million twitter people for nothing. I think she would be a great choice & Im sure can surprise many people on what they think she is & who in reality she really is. I think we need to keep as many US judges as possible otherwise its too influeneced by the UK & we already acn see that show


I have no idea why Simon Cowell would consider Jessica Simpson for this. I remember him saying even as far back as the 1st season of American Idol that he was looking for someone with the "X factor" which he defined as having star quality, a great voice and standing out from the pack in way that showcased their own talent while being true to themselves. Jessica Simpson is a so/so talent at best and has gotten by more by her looks and long canceled reality show than she has based on talent. She does not have the "X Factor" why should she be a judge?

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