Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape / Smartwater Ad Goes Viral

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Okay, so this is not really a Jennifer Aniston sex tape.

Among the many techniques utilized to get people to watch the actress in her new online ad for Smartwater was to erroneously promote it as one, however.

Courtesy of "three lovely Internet boys," who opt to name this "Jennifer Aniston sex tape" in homes of getting hits, Jen gets a crash course in viral videos.

The Smartwater ad is a giant in-joke homage to YouTube sensations from Keenan Cahill to dancing babies to guys getting kicked in the sack. Watch below ...


It was different and funny,Jen has a fresh natural look.


I guess I just don't see what the fuss is about her. She's not that attractive to me, she can be cute don't get me wrong. But her personality is really dry, as is proven in this commercial. She just doesn't seem to be very charismatic, not in front of the camera anyway. She's trying too hard to be down to earth and it isn't working. Kind of boring, just doesn't click.


hahaha thats great, thats why i love her ^_^

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