Keenan Cahill Goes "Down On Me" With 50 Cent

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Keenan Cahill, a 15-going-on-5-year-old from the Chicago area, has something of a cult following on YouTube, where he lip syncs to pop songs. That's basically it.

His first viral "hit" involved him choking on a cookie awhile back, but he REALLY hit it big when he "covered" Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." It was his break.

Now a full-fledged online hit, Keenan Cahill "performed" on Chelsea Lately, doing his thing to "Down on Me" by Jeremith. Wait'll you see who makes a cameo ...

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love it its hilarioys f****in s**t


I wish I was a stinky midget lol


WTF!!!!! this is so F*(%en funny LOL


I love it...this kid has personality. Very cute. Good on Fiddy Cent for playing along.


This is stupid. It doesn't even look like he knows the words.

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