Haley Reinhart. Sings. Sexy.

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American Idol saves the final spot in its performance shows for its favorites, its most buzz-worthy contestants.

Therefore, it was a bit perplexing last night when the concluding act was not Pia Toscano or Jacob Lusk or James Dubin. Instead, Haley Reinhart was given the honor...

... and she proceeded to prove she was worthy of it.

Covering "Bennie and the Jets," Haley started out lounging on a piano (the same one Durbin set on fire) and ended up waving her arms around on stage, clearing having fun and leading Steven Tyler to quip: "You. Sing. Sexy."

Randy called this the best performance of the night. Do you agree?


Last time I checked the reviews on ITunes Haley had about 2200 reviews and Amazing was the word most used. Out of the 2200 reviews maybe 15 or so were negative. I love this girl. If she sings a great song tonight, she will be moving up in the ranks again. Everybody is talented this year. My favorites are Haley, Scotty, James, Lauren, and Casey in that order.


Haley gave an amazing sophisticated performance. Her voice full of the kind of nuance and fearlessness that is usually only seen in a seasoned performer. Pitch perfect she slid over the notes with slick confidence. Sir Elton would be proud and a star was born last night.


wow i havent heard her til just now shes awesome! i think she over does it a bit though, but shes my new favorite i think!


Hailey had the best performance- and defenietly she is the best singer with the most personality - on top of that she is superhot! Vote for hailey yeyyy


she was by far the best the only problem I have is I would love to purchase her singing the whole song,I know this song has been around for years but I think it sounds better than Sir Eltons and yes she does put a sexy twist on it Anna you need to learn music


I agree with Marc, Haley was awesome! She was so relaxed and made it look effortless. She might be the only contestant this year to have an amazing voice AND a personality.


Haha Haley was the best of the night, by far. Jacob, Thia, Scotty, Naima, and Stefano had some of the most embarassing performances in the show's history. Haley, Casey, Lauren, and Pia are definetly safe tonight. Say what you want. Facts are facts.


I can't understand why she was considered the best of the night. Sure, she's pretty, but not one of the best singers. Scotty, Thia Magia, Jacob and just three that were better

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