George Lopez Apologizes For Kirstie Alley Pig Joke

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Late night host George Lopez made a joke this week implying that instant Dancing with the Stars favorite Kirstie Alley is a pig. It didn't go over too well.

On Tuesday's Lopez Tonight, he said, “She did a nice job,” after showing a clip of Kirstie and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. “Her little hooves tapping away.”

He then did a play on the classic nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy Goes to Market, before playing a clip of a pig squealing “wheeeee” riding in a car.

Having thought better of it, Lopez apologized last night on Twitter:

Not sure how one misjudges a joke in which one calls a woman a pig - not something they typically take kindly too - but it appears no harm was done.

Alley struck back at Lopez, writing: "lol...a drunk pig...hehe" and later, this:

"Don't worry about George's comments... just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk wolf... falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs."

Good one. This isn't the first such incident for Lopez, who made weight-related cracks about Bristol Palin ballooning on DWTS last season, too.

Here's Kirstie's strong debut performance from Monday night ...


Kristie doesn't look like a dancing pig. She looks like a runaway Macy's Day Float!!!!!!!




Let's see. His wife gives him a kidney, and he divorces her. He had a weight problem, and now makes fun of others that do. you know he never was very funny. I watched him a few times. Don't think I even laughed once! How did he get his own show? Time to give that time spot to someone that deserves it. Let's throw out the trash, and put a human-being in there!


One who has skin like lizard,you should be the last to talk about Krista,shame!


You are a heartless SOB, and shame on you! There is no excuse for the comments you made. Hey....take a look in the mirror! You are not one to talk! Look at the example you are "supposed" to teach children!


I was such a huge fan of George Lopez but ever since you made fun of kristie Alley lost respect for you you were fat once and took a kidney off your ex how DARE you. I hope Kristie Alley doesn't go to your show you lost a viewer in your show. Way to go Kristie


who is george lopez
a nothing cry baby
he cried when they didnt go see him when he needed
moral support now hes showing what he is made of poop
kidneys only last 10years then what you gonna do


Kirstie's weight does NOT define who she is. George's "misjudged" jokes however do define him. 'Nuff said. Go Kirstie! You are a beautiful person!!


Love Kirstie, George, not-so-much. Who has class? No contest.


How quickly can a person forget?? Just a couple of years ago, George was in very bad health. His wife donated one of her kidneys
to him,as of last note they were separated. When the Higher Power has blessed you with an organ that was desperately Needed to add years to your life, you can still be a comedian without harping on someone's else weight, which for them may be because of a health issue. George may have apologized, but more people heard his off/based joke about Ms. Alley than there will be listeners hearing his (fake) apology!!

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