First Listen: TWO New Britney Spears Songs - "I Wanna Go" and "Inside Out"!

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Britney Spears' Femme Fatale doesn't come out until March 29, but we've heard a pair of singles already in "Till The World Ends" and the #1 hit "Hold It Against Me."

Today, we've got two more for you: "I Wanna Go" and Inside Out."

The former, which was produced by her Baby One More Time collaborator Max Martin and Shellback, who worked on "If U Seek Amy," can be heard right here:

What do you think of Britney's new stuff? Some are calling it her best in years, while others think it's generic pop drivel only getting airplay based on her name.

After hearing these two tracks, we're somewhere in between.

Follow the jump to listen to "Inside Out," which has somewhat of a different sound to it, courtesy of Dr. Luke, Martin and Billboard. See what you think:




Madrchod gana hai.


LOVE Inside Out, not really liking I Wanna Go much though...


I love these songs. I can totally see myself dancing to the first one and the second one is sexy, it is very Britney. I'm excited to hear the rest of the far like it more than Gaga's new songs and I am fan of both.We'll see if Gaga comes up with better songs on her album.


*knock, knock, knock* Uh... Britney? Are you in there, B?
Please come out... We miss you~!


I like her songs but I am not such a big fan of her voice


It's dance is what it is. Electronic voice and stuff kinda goes with the genre. If you don't like the genre don't take it out on Britney. It's like saying urg, metallica, electric guitars and loud drums. Doh, that's the whole genre not the band.


love it i can't wait for march 29 i wish it hurry up


It's always the same stuff over and over again. Every song is the same. Techno beats, electronic voice, she sings like she sucks on helium before she sings. Anyone who thinks she sings good, that is there perogative, but wow as far as talent goes, no way.


The new Britney stuff is really good. I've always been a fan and I'm so happy that she's put her troubles behind her and is back doing what she does best. Go Britney! PS: Even in the middle of her troubles a few years back, she managed to put out a decent (actually very good) album Blackout. She always tries her best and I applaud her for that.

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