Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends" - First Listen!

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Britney Spears already has a breakout hit from her new album Femme Fatale with the smash "Hold It Against Me." But the second single may be better.

Max Martin and Dr. Luke produced "Till The World Ends," which leaked today and was co-written by other than Ke$ha. Who would have guessed?

What do you think? One of her best in years or just so-so? Take a listen to the latest from the pop icon below, and leave a comment with your reaction:

How does Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends" measure up?


I listened to it in the morning on my way to school and i thought it was average!


All her songs sound the same, agree with Jeff. This is not singing. It's a voice tweaked by synthesizers and other equipment. She speaks most of her songs and the chorus or singing is with backup singers who enhance her voice. Plus her voice doesn't sound mature, it's not a pretty voice either, it sounds like a child or like she's enhaled helium. A truly good singer can belt out a tune live and sound awesome. I dare her to try that. How can you appreciate someone whose music is not really them 100%. I am older and have lived thru years of music and Britney is pathetic compared to some really talented female singers we have had throught the years. She's an industry generated money making machine.


i loved it can't wait for march 29 i got a britney shirt at the mall love you britney


It seems like she is banking more on her sex appeal and on her name than she is on her music these days. Was never a big Britney fan but her singles used to be at least catchy (and somewhat showcased her voice) but now,with the so/so lyrics and all the autotune her songs sound like every other pop song. Nothing to set her talent apart from the pack.


This is pretty similar to Blow.


Agree with everyone!! Nothing like she use to be.


She has sang live since the begining of her career,but when her dancing got harder (albums ago) she switched and became backtrack and auto tune it, brit can sing very well,just wish she would stop hiding behind all this dance music.


I was just thinking the same thing as well about her real voice. I would love to hear her once live as well. Who knows we may even love her more... or not but will we ever know??? Probably not!


Ok really!!! Not her best at all. Are you kidding me. Who ever is saying it is, is just crazy. She is way better then this. I like it but not her best. I got a little bored to tell you the truth when listening to it. I forced myself to hear the whole thing. I hope her c.d is better then this song.


What's the big deal? All of her songs sound the same. Her voice has that same autotune sound. I would love to hear her sing live just one time and I'd bet her fans will think different of her.

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