Chris Brown, Rihanna to Reunite For Joint Interview With Robin Roberts?!

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When Chris Brown loses his mind and explodes on Good Morning America ... welcome him back to talk about it?

ABC was quite forgiving after the singer's tirade this week, keeping his Dancing With the Stars visit on the docket and even inviting him back to GMA.

R and B Star

The reason isn't that they want it to go away, reports a source. They want to "milk this event for everything its worth" news standards be damned.

In the wake of his Good Morning America trip, during which Robin Roberts' questions about Rihanna set him off, ABC wonders if there's more potential here.

There have even been internal discussions about "orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time." This is considered "a top get at the network."

Guess that's not a huge shock, as all things Brown have electrified the media so much. As for who the interviewer would be if this came to fruition? Easy call!

"It would be Robin [Roberts]," the insider said matter-of-factly.

She's been on a roll lately, with Tiger Woods, Billy Ray and Chris all stopping by for memorable interviews (memorable in very different ways, but still).

"It's all about the ratings," replied my ABC source. "At all other costs."

As for whether the stars themselves would go for this stunt, neither has commented. Chris doesn't even have a rep TO comment for him at the moment!

But seriously. It's hard to see him rushing back to ABC. Chris felt so exploited that he SMASHED A WINDOW WITH A CHAIR in a fit of rage, after all.

And from Rihanna's perspective, what just happened must hit close to home. Both seeing Chris sweaty and shirtless and what he did to that window. Jeepers.


Seriously ABC don't you have a heart leave this two people alone its been 2years since the incident get over it and stop bringing up the damn past they have obviously moved on from it so why can't you. If Chris Brown and Rihanna really wanted to talk and sort things out they would. So stop being so damn nosey and bringing up the past and move on like they have.


Rihanna and Chris needs to move on with thier lives,and stop revile old news 4rm de past.


Its a great idea but be carefull chris,once bitten twice


The reunion of chris brown and rihanna on good morning america i think it would be a good idea them two can talk about what happend that night in febuary 2009 but i think chris should admit what he did because he punched her several times in the head, biting her ear and fingers and threatned to kill her too and this is true i heard on the news but he did not admit of doing all those things even though he did do it he denied it but chris is still a good person and he needs to control his anger better and deal with the situation alittle better so i hope if this reunion does happen it will be some closure for the both of them Team rihanna navy ! .


From rihanna's perspective? Seriously? That b*tch is not innocent! Gimmie a break already nobody cares about her or her annoying a** songs they keep playing on 106.1 CHRIS BROWN STAY AWAY FROM RIHANNA SHE'S TRYIN TO RUIEN UR CAREER!!!! Rihanna must b part of the illuminati


thanks to god thats what i like to c. and people out there dnt hate i love u guys hpe al the best 4 u all awwwwwwwwwwwww mwax ur biggest fan xoxoxo


So long as this does not become a justification of any abuse to the general public, everyone should be all the way behind it. The possibilities and choices are to be made independently by both parties and if they BOTH are alright to be together, they should.


chris brown and rihanna are boyfreind and girlfiend now.but they eventaully broke up. After chris brown hitting her left her briuses going to communitty service.


yeah boy u go there! face off wid dem beotches! robin aint s@%t!! she run dat mouth take out dem teeth! females need to know they place.


Chris and Rihanna...DON'T DO IT! If you ever decide to have an interview together, (you should really stay away from that idea)I WOULD NOT go to ABC! I am tired of hearing about old news. I am all about lifting people up and helping them on their way to a more peaceful and successful life. I want to hear what they are doing from this day forward to improve themselves and relationships with people. How are they contributing to mankind in a charitable way and in communities and schools. That's why I tutor children. No matter how bad they have behaved today, I go back tomorrow and start a new day of positive thinking, teaching and kindness. Journalists need to stop reiterating the bad and the ugly and go with the good. There is no such thing as a little sin or a big sin. Greed is a sin. You're greed is abusive. Have some dignity.

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