Chris Brown, Publicist Go Their Separate Ways

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Chris Brown needs a new publicist. Guy just parted ways with his current PR people. No idea what could have prompted such a sudden, stunning split.


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    i love u chrissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    I'm so tired of people saying to get over it. he is in the public eye. if he doesn't want his actions scrutinized then he need to disappear into obscurity with all the rest of the abusers. Yes it happened 2 years ago but it happened. My husband hit a dear that jumped out in front of us 3 years ago and my kids still ask daddy why he killed bambi. People don't forget. oh and to the idiot who thinks chris should be able to avoid the question like Rhianna I have news for you in this country we don't treat the offenders the same as the victim.


    Give me a break. He did this shit to himself now he's got to live with the consequences. Its probably always going to follow him


    He has anger because of all these idiots bringing up old shit.everyone gets to their breaking point.and he did because he was sick and tired of hearin it.and so is everyone else.NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT ANYMORE NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT IT.these people in interviews only ask to see if they can get him mad enough to do one actually cares what his anwsers are because its the same response one asks rihanna about it because they say "its a sore subject for her" well its a sore one for him to.he doesnt need anger managment, the world needs to get a life and go after these people who beat their girlfriend or wives everyday.they only make a big deal cause the person he hit happen to be famous to.


    this guy still has so much anger in his eyes. cant you all see it? yes people do need to move on about what happend (but never forget it) and his fans should ask him to seek anger & stress management...


    Hahaha that friscohound kid is such a hard ass! You wouldnt even have the balls to walk up to him. Im typically not the one to say "leave him alone!" but damn, the shit happened a long time ago.he hit a girl, it was wrong, but stfu about it no one cares anymore, its the same questions and the same answers nothings gonna change, you try havin everyone on your back,pickin at u for every little thing u do wrong,have ppl snappin pictures of u everywhere,not bein able to have anything normal in ur neighbor beat his wife,but u dont see him a year later still being constantly asked and bugged about it.but because its chris and rihanna, were still gonna be hearin about it in the year be pissed off and throwin shit to if somethin like that was happenin to me.


    Chris needs to let the PR talk for him, because every time he says something (like his pathetic apology for this temper tantrum and breaking the window) he screws himself up. He is his own worst enemy. Grow the heck up, Chris.


    @friscoHound:::oh god...plz shut up pfff


    White Haired Punk
    If he ever comes to Miami we going to have something for his Ass.

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