Chris Brown Performs on Dancing With the Stars: Watch Now!

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Over the objections of Tom Bergeron, Cheryl Burke and a host of others, Chris Brown performed on Dancing With the Stars' first results show of the season Tuesday.

Brown actually performed twice - first his new hit "Yeah 3x," then an encore medley of "Forever" and "Beautiful People" - bringing the house down both times.

If there were boos, they weren't audible over the cheers for a guy who put his all into each routine and looked very, very happy to be there. Here's his first effort:

After Brown's now-infamous Good Morning America meltdown, many were shocked (and more than a few upset) that ABC would let him keep this DWTS gig.

Whatever the reason for not pulling the plug, Brown was clearly grateful, and repaid them with a terrific live performance, as you can see above and below.

His fans surely loved this spirited live effort. His detractors will continue to lament that he appeared on DWTS at all and loathe his existence in general.

All we can do is hope that he's turned the page. Follow this link to see who was eliminated last night, then watch Chris' second performance after the jump:


Life is too short, just remember M.J. Everyone gets what's coming to them good or bad. And we all fall short of the
grace of god. That being said, enjoy this raw talent that only comes once in a lifetime. He's young, things will fall into place. Meantime l wish him nothing but the best.


Flying chairs are awesome,especially going thru a glass window.


@karan ...... to answer that stupid ass question.... A VERY TALENTED PERSON CAN DO ALL THAT


I'm glad to know that there are so many perfect people in this world who has never had a breakdown or a moment when they snapped. It feels good to know that there are some people in this world who holds it together 24/7 365 days of the year and have the right to judge him or look down at him for being HUMAN! I got a name for you people..... ASSHOLES! Fuck off and let him live his life!


Disney and ABC should allow Cris Brown to host Dancing With The Stars from the California State Prison.It would be awesome to see the prisoners dancing with all those light on.


Chris Brown should be in jail right now and I am not happy with ABC not calling the cops and blaming that whole winder thing on Chris since he was the one whoidd it. He shouldn't have done DWTS and ABC is enabling him to get away with it. Done with Chris Brown.


Just because Cris Brown beat up Rhiana doesn't make him a violent person or a repeat offender.Disney and ABC Television would not put a covicted felon on Dancing With The Stars unless they had total confidence in him.


It was the first time I watched Chris perform - and I loved it! None of us is able to change the past so I agree with those saying he paid his dues for his mistakes so put them behind him and let them go - he's young and has alot of talent so let him achieve his goals and dreams. He's a great dancer!


Okay - duh - how can anyone criticize the lip synching when you are watching this guy dance? - and utube him btw and see what he can really do. Most singers can only sing - it's sad when they have to lip sinc - but this guy is one of the best dancers around - so cut him some slack - and just appreciate it. I never really knew who Chris Brown was (aside from the assault charges) until GMA this week - I'm focusing on the pure talent this person has, and the passion, and just hoping he has learned - remember - he is so young - I just hope he can learn from his mistakes and just keep doing what he does so well. I'm 42, educated, and successful - and a mother - and the last thing I thought I would be doing is defending Chris Brown. I just can't get over the talent. LCarey


chris waz killing dat shyt i dnt no wat sum of yall talkin bout dat shyt waz dopee nd chris brown iz makin it on top i thnk he shuld keep it up who cares about rihanna nd dat shyt itz ova itz ova dnt care she make sum gudd muzik 2 she kinnda up der 2 wit chris prob

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