Tom Bergeron on Chris Brown: BOOOO!

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Without coming out and directly challenging his network for allowing Chris Brown to perform tonight on Dancing with the Stars, host Tom Bergeron has made his feelings clear.

“I did tell the producers it may be to their advantage to not have me interview him because my natural tendency would be to say something,” Bergeron told Ryan Seacrest on the latter's radio show “Don’t put me in a position where you are asking me to not say something, because I really won’t do that.”

Tom Bergeron on DWTS
Browning Out

Bergeron joked that he may be placed in "a Hannibal Lecter suit" in order to keep him quiet, but the promotion of Brown by ABC is no laughing matter to many.

It's hard not to wonder why the network banned Adam Lambert from its airways in late 2009, yet is embracing a man with such an emotional, violent side. The answer, though, is clearly all about the bottom line:

ABC is hoping to arrange a ratings-grabber of an interview with both Brown and Rihanna.


@lolo, And whats your business if he doesn't? what you won't buy his Cds? bwahahahaha


the fact that he continues to act out aggressively shows that he has not changed. I think he still needs a big of growing up, very immature.


everybody make mistakes in life , he has been in a bad situation , he will do better so dont blame him its some of rihanna fault too . !


can just d fans of chris comment ??? or d haters can't watch him when he is d 1# ??? *__* love u chris (•ˆ?ˆ•)(•ˆ?ˆ•)


Stop the Madness!!
Enough of Clown Brown!!!


Ugh. ABC, no respect for you. You want to exploit a situation to the fullest after banning someone for exploiting themselves late at night. Whatever
Its not commendable and so transparent!


@pak31: "Breezy did NOT know"---->thanks for bringing that to my attention, its a mistake. He clearly was set up!


ABC disgusts me on so many levels that my vomit at their behavior is multi-colored.


Kingmakers, I hope I am interpreting your post correctly but I read that Brown knew he was going to be asked those questions.


I feel that people deserve a second chance in life. No one is perfect BUT he HAD a chance to go on t.v. and right a wrong. When asked questions about the incident. He could have handled it like a civilized adult. Instead he acted like an arrogant, immature jerk. So if he can't show the media any respect, like he couldn't his girlfriend, then he should NOT be asked to appear on ANYTHING until he earns that respect back. For once can't the media put money aside and try to show that as a country, we don't condone jerks?? Money is the root of all evil. The media is gulty by association.

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