Charlie Sheen on Jon Cryer: Traitor! With the Trolls!

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Charlie Sheen has already alienated a large majority of his fan base.

Now, the machete-wielding actor has gone off on one of his few remaining allies in the business, former Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer.

"Like I said: You're with me, or you're with the trolls," Sheen told E! News yesterday. "Obviously he's with the trolls."

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Calling in from his house, Sheen continued to rant against Cryer, using false information to attack the veteran movie and TV star.

"Jon has not called me. He's a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. Clearly he's a troll," said Sheen. "He issued a statement.* Is it gonna take me calling him a 'traitor, juvenile and scared' for him to get it?"

(*Cryer has not issued any statements.)

What if Cryer does call Sheen in the near future?

"What's there to say? I'll tell him 'You're a little late. Goodbye, troll,'" said Charlie. "When I'm starring in multimillion-dollar films and he's begging me for a supporting role I'll say, 'You left me out in the cold with all of your guilt and stupidity.'"

Sheen has already released a new edition of his UStream-based talk show. Watch it HERE.


he's gonna be found dead pretty soon i see


I think they should go one more season to wrap up all the loose ends. Lets say charlie (harper) goes missing but eventually gets in touch with alan and tells him that hes eloped in vegas with chelsea and they are currently living in new york for a while. So he leaves alan temporarily in charge of the beach house. Whilst jake is with his mother, alan invites a friend / or cousin to live with him for company (charlie sheens replacement actor) with a strong funny writing team it can be done.


Charlie has really done it now I'm afraid we will turn on the news and he will be the next on dead because of all the shit he has done and taken its going to be just like Mike Starr but his ex is no better then him she's a crack head too I just feel sorry the kids he has


One of these guys was nominated for 4 Emmys and won once for his role on 2 1/2 men. Hint: It wasn't Charlie Sheen. CS just cost all of these ppl their jobs. When/If his head ever clears, he will be the one reaching out to apologize. Jon Cryer is a writer & producer in addition to being an Emmy award winning actor. He will be just fine.


Carlos "aka Charlie " give it up you are not a winner you are the worst of the loosers who thinks he is a winner 'only in YOUR mind" you suck go away already we are way past sick of you and your rants! worthless excuse of a human being YOU ARE THE TROLL! GO AWAY AND STAY GONE! do yourself and all of us a favor ! go away


lets see how long it takes before his house is on the market.And an other thing how funny is it two cars stolen and driven of a cliff in one night


He's dissing Lt. Washout. It is shameful. Who's the troll now? Charlie: Does a bowl of soup come with that hat? Oh, but it looks good on you!


How sad! I hope he gets the help he obviously needs (obvious to EVERYONE, but himself)If nothing else, he's a life-lesson for his young co-star Angus. He's not even that great of an actor, but it's still a waste. His father is one of my favorite actors, and I feel bad for his family.


Charlie, Modify Child support $100.000 dollar/month is high since the income went down and no end in sight.


Charlie Sheen has some ego. He'd rather turn against his friends than admit he has a problem. Or maybe it's the drugs talking (which really doesn't make it any better).

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