Sheen's Korner, Episode Four

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Welcome to the fourth edition of Charlie Sheen's Korner. Sit back and watch as this actor goes off on all that have wronged him, most notably Chuck Lorre.
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My question is, what is wrong with YOU people, you, that attack Mr Sheen for attacking others? YOU are the ones that need a life. You are not FORCED to watch his videos, but you do and then you shoot your pathetic mouths right off. Mr Sheen has a chip on his shoulder, obviously. No one likes to get screwed. Nor I, nor you. He is a man who is clearly lashing out at those that wronged him. That is his right. You don't like it? Then f off and keep your comments to yourself. He risked his career years ago when he stood up as the vox populi when hundreds of thousands of people were desperately crying for info on 9/11. THAT my fellow 'douche bags' takes GUTS. Right or wrong he laid himself down for the weaker masses. How dare anyone, especially nobodies like you attack a man like that. Mr Sheen IS a real MAN.


What a douche bag and a fucking moron, grow up, face the music and be a "man" as you portrayed yourself to be on Two and a Half Men. John Cryer is a way better man than you will ever will be along with "Jake" the shows son, just think Charlie, a 16-17 yr old kid is more of a man than you are, gees grow up, your stupid sheens corner makes no sense, your mumble and ramble on about stupid jackassed shit you think that we all know about, moron, like I said grow up and be a "MAN"!!!! And Ilona, his dignity got flushed with his last nugget he dropped out in the toilet this morning, he will never gain it back, he is a laughing stock...and ridiculous joke


Charlie what the fuck are you saying? You need help! You belong with Lindsay and Mel and dropped off at a desert island and you can all blame everyone for your problems when its all your own fault. YOU ARE CRAZy and you are not #winning. Bunch of bullshit.


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie ... put a lid on it! Why do you just keep digging? Put the shovel down, man, while you still have a shred of ...I use the word lightly ... dignity.

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