The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Clip: Kim. vs NeNe!

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We hope you are sitting down, The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers. Because the following news is truly shocking:

On Sunday night's reunion special, Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leaks argue, continuing the fight they had from a couple weeks ago about the way in which the former treats her assistant.

"I think you can dish it out but you can't take it," Leakes tells her frenemy. "I don't accept verbal abuse well, and I will not accept it, okay? So I am completely done."


To tasha: please, i beg you, go back to school and start all over.that made not one bit of sense at makes me crazy to see that their is people out there that actually talk and write like that everday.we pay taxes to fund these schools,atleast take advantage of it.


yall down badd fa talkin bout ne-ne like that....afta all it is just a ghetto......ya talk bout racisim an shit.....thes y white people doin that shit 2 us na bc yall do it 2 eachother.....instead of tryna stick continue 2 do ur may u rise wt ur fame....may God b wt u all.....


Judging from the messages, you all are passing judgement on Ms. Leakes which is unfair. If you know her personally then you have the right to cast stones. This show is just that a show. Ms.Kim is a tw-faced twit that likes to spread gossip and start crap. I am from Atlanta and if she called me a $itch she wouldn't call another person that because she would not have any teeth. Just because she is on a show does not give her the right to call a B;lack woman out of her name. Those are fighting words.


NeNe is a good name for a GHETTO mama who got there on her Knee-Knees. Plus can she ever shut up those big Ghetto lips. All in all none of these ladies has true class nor has the slightest idea how to even fake it, just can't change a barnyard chicken into a swan.


who designed Nene's dress? it is gorgeous!!


Agree WV Peach! I hate NeNe she's a total bitch!!

Wv peach

Nene has gone crazy.....she is quite the diva with ghastly behaviour to match. The Reunion Show really demonstrated Nene's lack of class! Loved Phaedra's spot on explanation of racial insensitivity.




Oh NeNe...There may be a good person in there somewhere but it is hard to see her with so much attitude and drama that you bring to everything.


P.S. I find it hard to believe that a person could **achieve one quiet moment of peace living in the same house with Ms. Leaks. For the lucky ones who are in contact with Ms. Leaks, I believe the only way they can survive her Joan Crawford attitude is to be on a daily 24/7 dose of constant prayer!!

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