The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Mayhem in Miami!

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On a scale of 1-10, the drama on last night's The Real Housewives of Atlanta registered an 11. What led to such mayhem in Miami? Our critic reveals all in the following review...


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    Black in FATlanta ...*cough cough* ..NENE


    OMG how creepy is Thomas Kramer?? Kim is now 5 months pregnant - could it be a baby creepy kramer??


    I too was a huge fan of NeNe leakes, but she has lost that status. I have zero tolerance for ghetto ignorance. get it together. You should take lessons from Phaedra, Sherree,Kandi, Cynthia and believe it or not, sometimes Kim. Stop showing your A** and show some class, girl...for real!. I am sick of it and you know Kim is a sista from another mother! Oh


    I think NeNe was way out of line with Kim, It did'nt take all of that, I'm starting to think that she really is haten on Kim, & Cynthia needs to down size that wedding if there having money problems,I like Cynthia,& She deserves better than Peter, he seems like he's mean to her.


    I haven't seen this episode yet but I can hardly wait! The blogger who owns this site is hysterically funny and so are the rest of the bloggers. Thanks for making me laugh out loud for several minutes here! Will post again after I see this train wreck.


    I think nene is a hater she talk to much


    I think Nene should have kept her mouth shut.It was not about her.This tour was about Kandi & Kim.If anyone had the right to say anything was Kandie towards Kim.ww


    You all need to leave Nene alone! If I was trapped on a bus with Kim I probably would want to strangle her. She talks a lot of s### that she can't backup. Then acts like she is a victim. She doesn't know when to stop. Quit running your mouth so much Kim!


    That house-guy was so creepy that my skin crawled. Everything about him and his tacky house was perverted and creepy. What in the world does Kim find attractive in him outside of his hedonistic Pan-loving orgy house? NeNe seems like she's falling off a cliff, in slow motion. I have to give kudos to Kim for making her dream work, especially when she can't carry a tune and is tone-deaf. The meanness of the "girls" towards Cynthia was indicative of their truly shallow mentality. If she's their friend, and she's pouring out her heart, why not offer to help her financially, if they're all such millionaires? Their snide catty remarks about her modeling was transparent. Cynthia is GORGEOUS! The others are nowhere near her league. Finally, I wish Kim didn't destroy her lips. She was far prettier with her original face. That beesting look was detrimental to her face. Before her ridiculous lip implant, she had a beautifully shaped mouth. Now, she looks plastic.


    Don't usually watch the Atlanta show - the women are too trashy, loud and ignorant, but caught this one. What a bunch of low-life losers, especially NeNe, who is one ugly, scary dude. Cynthia and Sherree are attractive and seem to have some spark of intelligence, but Cynthia is throwing herself away for a big expensive wedding she and her creepy fiancee can't afford. There are a couple of people commenting here that they are surprised that the high society people of Atlanta act this way. Huh? Get a grip! No one with any place in acceptable society in Atlanta would watch this show, let alone be on it. These women and the 3 remaining broke-ass husbands/fiances all need to crawl back to the ghetto they came from.

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