Lindsay Lohan Feels D.A. is "Out to Get Her"

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Lindsay Lohan is never at fault. She's just an easy target. So says Lindsay Lohan.

The alleged jewelry bandit is complaining to friends and family that members of the District Attorney's office are "out to get me" and using her to get elected.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, who oversees Lindsay's probation DUI case, will likely a the felony grand theft complaint against the star this week.

Always Playing Victim

The charge relates to the allegation that Lohan stole a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, Calif., which she claims was merely loaned to her.

Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, the hardest working woman in L.A., met with Meyers on Monday, and the result was another day of freedom.

Lohan was believed to be facing arrest yesterday, then today. But now "Lindsay's fate won't be decided for at least a day or more," one source said.

"As of right now, the case is still under review."

Holley has been out of town for business, and it's unlikely that Myers would charge Lindsay with was out of town. She supposedly returns this evening.

Meyers disputed Lindsay's assertion that she's being targeted, saying: "The D.A.'s Office has been fair and compassionate in prosecuting Ms. Lohan."

"The same fairness and justice will be applied in determining whether or not to file charges in the present manner. I think her lawyer would agree with this statement. I believe justice was administered fairly and equitably."

Meyers is running for District Attorney of Los Angeles, but before Lindsay jumps to conspiracy theories against her, she needs a geography lesson.

"Because of where the crime took place, it falls under Meyers' jurisdiction," but wouldn't if the theft took place in the Valley or Malibu, reports say.

"Lindsay has no idea the amount of trouble she is in now. The surveillance video is going to be the strongest evidence against her," the source adds.

Nor will returning it help her. "Just because the necklace was returned to cops, and the warrant wasn't executed didn't compromise the case."

Another reason to worry: "Meyers doesn't mess around when it comes to felony charges, and she's unimpressed with Lindsay's celebrity status."

Once Lindsay is charged with felony grand theft, she will have to formally surrender, and an arraignment date set. Look for that by week's end.


@ Tiya - Well said.


@ Tom Mariner - you really are more stupid than most and who made you the mouthpiece for the rest of us? Remember, Lindsay is thoroughly enjoying all this attention because it is the only way she gets to stay in the tabloids. A punishable sentence should not be rehab because we all know it does not work for her. She needs to pay for her crimes and stop crying because it does not impress us anymore. In the meantime, I think she needs a good bath because when I look at her, all I see is DIRTY.


If this judge does not charge her to the full extent of the law then it is for definite that we know you only have to be a celebrity to get off lightly or get off completely. Everybody can see right through Lindsay and they can see that she is an expert manipulator. She thinks she is untouchable and as is seen in the past, she just goes out and practically does the same thing again. I mean, just how long is she going to blame her actions on drugs and being misunderstood? Asst DA Ms Meyers, please do the right thing and ignore all the nasty comments about you from all the ignorant people out there. These nasty people add nothing to your life and good luck.


Lindsay needs to admit to stealing the necklace. She knew it was not "loaned" and she was out wearing it. She thinks that she can get away with anything. I hope this bites her in ass big time. She needs to be held accountable.


if they charge her she won't go to jail she hust goes to rehab for every little thing


Quit breaking the law, asshole!!!


yah, the DA is out to get her. linsday is SUCH a PRIZE. Oh! MY.


Lindsay's initial lie about never having been in the jewelry store is going to bite her this time.


Of course Ms. Meyers is out to get Lindsay -- this is a publicity dream -- do I hear future governorship? She will devote every bit of her government budget to slam the girl as hard as she can and as publicly as she can. And that is the well-known game. But Lindsay is no stranger to this arena -- she knows the score that everyone is going to be trying to make a buck and a reputation off her fame. The fact that she is pathologically self-destructive sure doesn't hurt either. Not sure the designer borrowing it for publicity will pass the laugh test. But does Ms. Lohan get a piece of the increased sales that comes from publicity of the Jeweler? A shame that necklace didn't look more like $2500 bucks -- I live on the wrong coast to appreciate that stuff.


Uh,they did file a report and that was after trying to contact Lindsays reps and no one would respond.
Why does her lawyer being out of town matter? I mean any of us pulled something like this and we'd already be arrested lawyer or not. Then again most of us have no need for a criminal defense lawyer on speed dial. Don't most people get a lawyer after being charged with or arrested for something?


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