Lindsay Lohan Whines: I'm Just an Easy Target!

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Once again failing to realize that normal people face consequences of their actions, Lindsay Lohan believes that other people are simply out to ruin her.

She will be charged with felony grand theft this week. Maybe it was, as she claims, a misunderstanding. But it doesn't just happen if people dislike you.

Lohan says she's become an easy target for people looking to hurt her, telling pals, "People just don't believe me and know I'm in a vulnerable position."

Lindsay the Rock Star

Lohan thinks the jewelry store owner accusing her of stealing a $2,500 necklace is seizing the moment by concocting a story that Lindsay stole the piece.

Lindsay insists it was loaned to her.

Despite the difficult of proving she knowingly planned to steal the piece and then executed that plan, the D.A. is likely to file charges as soon as today.

And, while she insists she's a victim, LiLo is "very nervous" about the prospect of returning to jail, telling people that "Nothing is worth going back."

State prison could actually be where she ends up if convicted, but even if that doesn't happen, the ordeal could constitute another probation violation.

We'll have to stay tuned on that, but she is likely to face the music imminently, one way or the other. She may even be handcuffed and dragged off.

No decision has been made on whether an arrest warrant will be issued, or whether the police will arrange her surrender with Lohan and her lawyer.

It all depends on the message they're trying to send. A public arrest of Lohan, wherever she happens to be at that moment, would be something else.


Stars should own up to their mistakes, just because their famous dsnt mean they should be treated any diffrent than us!!


She did not steal the necklace it was her stylist fault they did not return it by the time it was due this happens all the time the press is just making a bog story out of nothing!


the necklace is back in the store.


its quite true....shes very vunerable now. why cant people just give her some space and a chance. at least she will have some hope and may rise thru the billboard again. who knows...


Sydney "sensed her soul"....she must be smoking some of Lohan's stash...


Make no mistake, Lindsay Lohan really knows how to make a name for herself, and she continues to be in absolute denial if she doesn't believe that she has problems!!


leave her the hell alone i am sure she is innocent, and yep
once haters start gossip
do they ever quit lindsey i met in vegas in person
she is a sweetheart and a very nice lady
dont talk about someone as if you know them?? i dont even know her but i sensed her soul
this is why i hate the tabloids


All criminals are easy targets, particularly those who get off easy by the courts. Police are going to on her but* the rest of her life.


She may be an easy target but that is because she makes herself one. In this case it seems like she really is a theif. She had the necklace, the store considers it stolen (rightly) because it went missing and they know they did not lend it out to Lindsay or anyone else as there was no paperwork on it. If it had been lent out to and signed for by one of her "people" then picked up by her then her "people" would be able to show the contract that was signed. I realize she does not have to prove she did not steal it but it seems like the store has enough proof on it's side that it was not lent out and was stolen. This store is not looking to make money off this,they are just trying not to lose the 2,500 this necklace is worth. And they have the right to prosecute shoplifters just as any store does.


This girl obviously has problems. It stems from way back and may never be resolved for her. I just read an article from back in 2006 and her mother was making excuses for her bad behavior even back then. She's been living a crazy life and her mom ices it over all the time saying she's fine or it's not that bad. Even the jewelry store said that when a person takes jewelry out on "loan", there is a contract signed, usually a credit card is held just in case, etc. If Lindsay can't come up with any physical proof that it was loaned to her, she's in deep trouble. No store is just going to lend her something with no strings attached, especially her.


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