Lindsay Lohan Necklace Heist Excuse: They Let Me Take it On Loan!

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Lindsay Lohan's got some good lawyers and an virtual library of excuses on hand for any occasion. This is an all-timer, but the crazy thing is it may even work.

Accused of grand theft by the owner of Kamofie & Company, from which she allegedly stole expensive jewelry, she's likely to argue that they let her take it.

Don't ask us why she would need to take a necklace "on loan" rather than just paying for it, but the surveillance footage has no audio to disprove this theory.

Bad Jewel Thief

VENICE BANDIT: Can Lindsay Lohan weasel out of this one?

In addition to the lack of audio, which makes it a case of her word against the store's, Lindsay has two other factors going for her if she does go this route.

One, the jeweler knew where she lived and how to get in touch with her, yet never contacted her about getting the necklace back before telling the police.

Two, while you can't apply logic to anything related to Lindsay Lohan, wearing a stolen item knowing she'd be photographed is almost beyond belief.


On the flip side, if they were cool with her taking the thing on loan, why would they call the police and report that it was stolen? Minor detail there, right?

In other Lindsay Lohan necklace caper news less beneficial to the star, sources say she was tipped off after the judge signed a search warrant yesterday.

That's when she had her assistant return the jewelry before her house could be raided. Conveniently, it happened as police were preparing to raid LiLo.

Sources connected with the case tell say they believe someone told Lindsay the warrant was in play. Otherwise, why have her stylist return it right then?

Moreover, why have her return it to the LAPD, not the store?

Looks like Lindsay Lohan tried making a preemptive move, but law enforcement sources say that won't be a factor in deciding whether to prosecute her.

The D.A. is expected to make a decision later this week on whether or not to file criminal charges. There's also the possibility of a probation violation.


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From what I found out yes stores do loan out jewerly, but most have the star sign for it. It says the item is on loan and is not a gift. So where's the paper that she signed? I find it hard to believe the store would just let her walk out with a $2500 dollar necklace without her signing something.


the author of this article is pathetic, you broke god knows how many journalistic rules, mostly respect for others. i have this weird feeling the author has the mind of a 16 year old girl thats extremely self centered and generates misury amongst her family and fellow students, in other words, the latin word for a female dog in heat is what i think is the personality of who ever wrote this trash. How about research from more then two site?
pathetic auther is pathetic


She might have been set up. Don't jump to conclusions here.


Another stark reality story about celebrities. They are god-like, not to be associated with ordinary humans therefore anything they do is OK. Of course the Hollywood trash mags will take her part, treat her as the usual victim of society, and leave all of the "we love you Lindsay" drones to cry for her. Give us humans a break!!!!!!!


CAN you believe all the crap about this idiot? She has no limits or bounds by anyone. She thinks the necklace or whatever is paste, the real thing, paper, jewels, she doesn't care. She lives in a non-existent world. Nothing is real. She waddles on thru. The same thing happened when she f with the "supposed" judge and trail. WHAT A WHOLE JOKE she is and gets away with it along with her whole mental family. Or are WE the mental ones?


I think she to need think straight rightnow bcos she dont no what she doing


Where was the store clerk when it went missing... sounds like they should pay more attention when they are showing merchandise. It should be treated like any other shop lifting case, and they didn't accuse her at or as she walked out the door. Personally I think the store clerk has something to do with this so called theft/setup to get the stores name out in the media.


ppl don't read this it's crap. give lindsay a break she's famous why would she need to steal something when she probably has enough money to buy the whole jewelry store?


People> get a life and leave Lindsay alone:)


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