Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Released: React Now!

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"Born This Way," Lady Gaga's new single by the forthcoming album of the same name, is finally here, and almost (almost) lives up to the incredible hype.

Working in shout-outs to every ethnic background and minority group under the sun, the lyrics sound like they were written in 10 minutes, as she claims.

But the hook - “don’t be a drag, just be a queen” - may well go down as the latest mantra for Gaga followers, the millions of Little Monsters everywhere.

The track is fun, it's catchy and fosters her message of all-embracing equality. In short, vintage Lady Gaga. Take a listen here and tell us if you agree:

What do you think of "Born This Way"?


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Yes, i have worked with Ysan in New York and i know it is true.
She copied her from the very first day she created her new image.
Lady Gaga is very low pesron if you ask me. Google "Who is Ysan Roche"on youtube and watch a video in which someone compared all the images and ideas.
Lady Gaga now pretends to have them from famous stars because this is less dangerous for her career.
Fact is that everything Ysan does you will see a few months later in Lady Gagas profile.
This is no joke or attention seeking. I have watched it and i really think this is pathetic and cheap like i've never experienced before.


Gagas whole style and personality was a rip-off from the great artist Ysan Roche who lives in NY and was born in Germany. Lady Gaga found her ideas and whole biography on myspace, copie everything and became famous because she had a good PR.
Now she has no ideas any more...even if the whole tattoo stuff and the new looks is still from Ysan Roche. Lady Gaga is not even worth to talk about, she is sick to copy so much of other people.


she is her


this song is a boring, ordinary, average, everyday pop song just like all gagas music. shes NO DIFFERENT than katy perry, kesha or justin bieber except that she dresses in avant garde fashion to try to take the focus off her mediocre looks and talent!


u guyz r ovous not true gaga fans get a life i think itz pretty good y dont u try 2 f* come up with a song urself and ppl do remakes of songz all da time hello? god stupid much??


she sucks. Good example of how promo can help to sell! Come on I'm fed up with that waste of time


Umm yea, I was expecting so much more from her!! What a dissapointment and so much build up for nothing!!


It's just terrible, I am so disappointed at her.
Love her style/ideas/previous album (at least half), but this is embarrassing, we've been waiting for month for this? It's just boring, noisy and recycled.


Hate it. worst gaga song ever. its boring, rubbish and not very good Bad romance and poker face and telephone and paparazzi where a million times better than this DRIVEL


This is a total rip-off of Madonna's "Express Yourself". I will be amazed if Madonna doesn't sue for a share of the royalties on this blatant theft. And Michael Jackson said the same thing in "Black Or White" more than 20 years ago.