Howard Stern Defends Kim Kardashian Against "Scumbag" Prince

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Howard Stern loves women with large breasts and little personality, so it should come as no surprise that he's coming to the defense of Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this week, the reality star was called on stage by Prince during a concert at Madison Square Garden. She proceeded to freeze, stand around like a mannequin and get dismissed from the spotlight.

But Stern, a fan of Prince as an artist, blames the musician for this embarrassing incident.

"Apparently she's supposed to dance like a stripper for him and she just stood there not knowing what to do," Stern said on his radio show yesterday. "He throws her off the stage because she can't read f--king Prince's mind. He's a bulls--t artist. I'm done with him."

Concluding by labeling Prince as a "scumbag," Stern said "he seems to be an arrogant asshole lately."

That may be true, but let's remember: Courteney Cox has a career because Bruce Springstein summoned her to the stage during a performance of "Dancing in the Dark." Kim could have shown the world a spontaneous, fun-loving side if she had responded in similar fashion to this sitcom star.

Instead, treating the opportunity like a professional athlete, she blew it.

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Shhiit i just read some posts n had to comment for yall who think prince aint shit. think again shitheads if you "like" music if you ever get the chance to ask your favorite artist a question ask em who the greatest musician ever and i can bet all my money that they will say "Prince". Let me know if you think otherwise i can school you if you wanna be taught a lesson by an 18 year old ;)


First of all Prince was just doing what a real artist would do. Why should he let her mess up his stage show"" Because she's Kim Kardashian". What the hell ever she's a "HOE' that can't dance and Howard's just on her side because he always liked "HOES"! That makes me laugh" Go on Prince do ur Thang" very good choice! Smootches!


I want to say chris humpheys
he tried to save his
marriage from kim
chris didn't deserved
kim she is so selfish
she don't know what
love is all about
even howard stern he
is a sex freak.


Prince is an ass point blank he should have let her know ahead of time what she was going on stage 4 he is a nobody anyways kim is the shit he just thought he was cute he ugly ass....


That's funny Stern calling someone else a scumbag.


Howard Stern has some nerve calling anyone a scumbag considering all the women he has had on his show to do a lot more than "dance like a stripper."


Yeah, spare me Stern -- Kim was a moron, plain and simple. When a musician brings you up on stage, it's to DANCE!!!! DUH!!!! And not "like a stripper" either, you ass. Kim just needed to dance, like any other person with a brain would have. Porn amateur, spotlight-sucking fame whore, and she can't figure this out?? Whatever. And now you're defending her?? What the fuck ever man.


It's LOSER not looser, losers.


And how you call a person that gets 500million for 5 years a looser get your facts right looser


Howard is the best and lots of people listen to his show 20 million and I'm one of them and Kim is hot and anybody saying she is not common like you don't want her boobs or her face girls out there and prince is a ass he can't sing I don't know how anybody can like hem or think he is hot yak

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