Prince to Kim Kardashian: You Suck!

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It took Prince about 10 seconds to realize what the public has known for years:

Kim Kardashian is stiffer than Brett Favre when texting New York Jets employees.

During his concert in Madison Square Garden last night, the iconic artist invited Karadashian to dance with him on stage. Without a script, personality or any sense of spontaneity, however, the talentless reality star simply froze. It didn't take long for Prince to give her the boot, as you can watch here:

Later in the evening - likely after E! flew in writers to tell her exactly how to act - Prince gave Kim a mulligan. She proudly Tweeted about the successful follow-up:

"Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!"

It's a good thing Kardashian didn't freeze like this when Ray J turned the camera on her in 2007. She'd never have scored front row tickets to a Prince show otherwise.

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Did anyone see her making out with Reggie Bush on her show? Bitch can't dance, fuck, or kiss.


What I don't get is a sex tape can make you rich.. Sucking things make you money even though . Fat thighs don't matter..


Wha I don"t understand how someone who can be so famous and not be all that..


I dont understand how someone can become famous


The thing that annoys me about all the Kardahians they act as if there The biggest super stars ever the only reason they became famour was over kim doing a sex tape Kim saids shes always working soo hard but all shes doing is siting on her ass and she gets payed Its always drama with that family What kind of people are they They have such a easy life Thers people i know work hard at work 9 to 5 6 days a week and are tired and they only get payed 50 a week The Kardashina do nothing and get payed millions I like prince but after seeing that vidio i LOVE Prince


Well the brainless bitch can't dance any ways and no one shoud be surprised, she was as stiff as a damned board on dancing with the stars...all that silicone freezes you up...y'all no that!


Even my MJ obsessed friend said she'd shake her thang on stage with Princey.
Froze my arse!


Kim K could do with a name change- and be known as the artist formally known as- ass-


Agh!!!who the fuck cares about her anyways....besides everyone already knos shes a talentless bitch!!!


What a talentless fool this douche bag is. Always talking/acting/dressing provocatively -- but when she's asked to perform -- she lays there like a lox. Just like her tedious performance on the sex tape. I know guys want to f***k her --but WHY???