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Lindsay Lohan is scared of prison.

Most of us are. Most of us also steer clear of theft, DUI and other brushes with the law on a daily basis as a result, but most of us aren’t Lindsay Lohan.

While insisting she’s innocent in the great necklace heist of 2011, she wants to plea bargain her felony grand theft case ASAP to avoid being locked up.

After berating Lohan in court yesterday, Judge Keith Schwartz scheduled a hearing for February 23, so the lawyers can talk about plea bargaining the case.

Will Lindsay weasel out of another legal jam? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Lindsay is willing to plead guilty to make the case go away, provided she does not get jail or prison time. The prosecutor, however, wants jail time.

She may also be able to cut a deal with the judge, cutting the D.A. out of the picture. In exchange for a guilty plea, the judge may be receptive.

It’s also common in cases such as this for the judge to reduce the offense to a misdemeanor if Lindsay Lohan stays out of trouble for 12 months.

LOL. As if that’s happening. In any case, it will be interesting to see if she cuts a deal or proceeds with a trial in a bid to prove her “innocence.”

Thoughts, based on what you know of the case and Lohan?