Bristol Palin: Dating Some New Guy!

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Bristol Palin has a new boyfriend.

What his name is and what he looks like, we have no idea. Yet. No idea YET. We know that's the only reason you're here, but chill. Give it a few hours.

Bristol Palin Pre-Plastic Surgery

Asked on KWHL's The Bob & Mark Show if she's really dating the 20-year-old Alaska pipeline worker, she said, "Are you guys getting personal with me, really?"

The hosts on the Anchorage-based show pushed her to just admit she has a new boyfriend, helpfully suggesting that she simple confirm this much:

"Yeah, you know what, I'm seeing a guy and he's really great and Tripp loves him and we're having a really good time and we're really good friends."

Bristol Palin laughed and said, "Yeah, we can go with that. I'm thrilled. I love the town that I live in. I love my house. Tripp's happy; he's healthy."

The house is her new five-bedroom abode in Maricopa, Ariz., she recently purchased for $172,000 and for which she "wrote a check," she says.

"It was cool. It made Dancing with the Stars worth it, for sure."

Palin, who ended her relationship with Levi Johnston, the father of her son Tripp, for a second time in August, wants to change Tripp's last name.

She hasn't gotten around to forcing the issue with Levi, who's got a new companion of his own in Sunny Oglesby, in quite a long while, though.

"Yeah, I've asked Levi to do it many times, get it out of the way, just sign over parental rights, but I don't know if he wants to or will," she said.

She says she's willing to live without child support if he does.

"Yeah, of course, I've asked him to do that many times – just say, 'Hey, look, let's just avoid this custody case and just sign over your rights.'"

"'He's always going to be your son, you can see him whenever you want,' but he doesn't want to sign him over because it looks bad," she said.

Asked how often Johnston sees Tripp, she said, "Since Dancing With the Stars he's seen him, at the most, three times." Only for like hours too.

Let this be a lesson to you, pipeline worker boyfriend guy. You best be there to care for Tripp, not just shoplift the pootie from a single mom.


bristol you look like a nice kid, so im going to try to assist you. mripcoaa,az has several issues your realtor probably hasnt mentioned, 95000 cows on a feed lot just outside of town,, its rank,, gag you most hot still nights, EPA has given numerous violations for particulate and, and gas emmisions, not to mention the flies..also mripcoaa is in a 100 year flood plain,, floods constantly,, the good ol boys[ mormons] in mripcoaa and pinal county fail to inform the citizens,, everyone is moving out the HOAs do not have suffient money to properly maintain the communities yep nice house , but nthe walls are foam insulated, chloroform gas,,katrina mobile homes,,,, my kid lived there an I know its unhealthy,, the road to mripcoaa is one of the most dangerous and congested roads in state,, averaging 45 min to one hour in rush hour,, city planners fequired developers to install all these small lakes but noone maintains them a breeding ground for desease carrying mosquitos


What is this crap about having her ex sign away his parental rights? She makes it sound like no big deal but it is a huge deal. If he does he is no longer his father and will have no legal rights to see or be in his life ever. She says he'd always be his son but by signing away parental rights that means he really is not. Sorry to rant onthe point but to lose parental rights is reserved for the very worst of the worst parents, it's the samthing you sign away when you place a child for adoption. I couldn't stand Bristol before but that takes the cake. I could never ask my husband to do that if we split,even if he didn't come around a lot.


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