Dr. Phil, Wife Sued Over Dog Attack

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Popular daytime TV blowhard Dr. Phil has always been a bit of an attack dog. Just ask the two women he locked in a house with some naked dude.

It's his actual dog who's at the center of the doc's latest controversy, though.

Dr. Phil and Jordan McGraw

Phil and Robin McGraw are being sued for personal injury and damages after it attacked their best friend at the couple’s mansion in Beverly Hills.

Janet Harris filed suit against the pair this week, alleging that the couple’s gross negligence resulted in serious injuries courtesy of Maggie.

Harris claims she was brutally mauled by canine without provocation or warning, resulting in cuts, abrasions and deep puncture wounds.

The McGraws allegedly refused to provide compensation or assistance to Janet to aid with her illness, according to her attorney, who notes:

“While their friend suffered severe pain and mental anguish, the McGraws finalized the purchase of a $29.5 million Beverly Hills mansion.”

Way to get in that highly relevant dig, attorney guy. Funny, though ...


Thats Right, let it fly!!!! The dog sounds like its been snacking on visitors, how dare they. Who cares about their mansion, I'm sure it's just a gaudy as the last one. Just like wearing too much makeup!! You either care for your friends and be a friend or just say no, enjoy convalescing and fighting with the homeowners insurance. I find the McGraw's repellent. I hope they stand up and clean up the mess they made of this woman's life.

Wv peach

What's up with Robin's right boob? Looks like a honeydew melon. Sick to death of both of these two.


Sounds like a good case for Judge Judy!!


i do not believe a word of this headline, it smells of stupid lawsuits. the relevance of a home purchase seems an unneccesary twist to the story. hopefully the party in question will clear things up for a media that thrives on sensationlism.


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