Pair of Women to Sue Dr. Phil For Locking Them in House With Naked Dude

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Several women are suing TV doctor personality Dr. Phil, claiming he traumatized them by trapping them in a house and forcing them to look at a naked man.

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    Doubt this has any merit. Big time.


    What is wrong with you America?!! Do you mean to say I can actually sue anyone who offended me over the years?!! From the time I saw my gandma's saggy boobs to that guy who didn't have a big enough penis?!! I should sue the first for mental anguish and the second for physical and emotional teasing...
    I'm no fan of the show but what surprises me is your ability to hate someone who makes sense (no offense but I'm pretty sure either Boner nor Vampfreak have doctorate degrees)and idolize a child molestor (MJ)!


    WTF!!!i always knew this dude was kinda....well CREEPY o_0....I always hated his show...always have and always will this is just a freakin paid show that shows old annoying ladies and shit....


    The only thing more funny than this story itself would be for Oprah to ask Dr. Phil, in a few months from now, : "So tell me Dr. Phil... How's that working out for ya???"


    thats good for him i hate his show my stepgrandfather show his show i think he is a fohney and his show is so stupid its about people can't raise their kid so they got to be on his show for help if you can't raise your kid right then there is something wrong with you its all about being on his damn show i wish they cancel it for good and put him in jail for good he is not a good doctor at all.

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