Christina Aguilera National Anthem Rehearsal: Perfect!

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Prior to her globally-televised miscue at Super Bowl XLV, Christina Aguilera had sung the national anthem perfectly in the past, word for word, note for note.

Take Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, for example.

Or just take rehearsal that afternoon. A video has surfaced of Aguilera practicing the country's most patriotic single on the day of the big game, nailing every aspect of it. Does this mean she simply choked on a major stage? That her friends are somehow correct and a drinking problem played a role in the flub?

We can't say. We can just show you a beautiful rendition of the song and let you form your own opinion on Christina:


Good for you Kesha, why don't you go run along now and let the grown folks talk.


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It's silly how people are acting like Christina Aguilera is an evil person for making this mistake. I get that it's the national anthem and people are patriotic, but saying that she has disgraced America is overly dramatic. Just because she messed up doesn't mean she doesn't care about America or that she's stupid. This was a one time thing. After all the times she's performed the song, this was the ONLY time she messed up.


lol i find it funny how serious some of u guys take this. she fucked up and its not ur fuck up and u cant get over it by now u must have issues. i feel bad for her, shes an amazing talent but just couldnt preform when it counted. i know shell over come this when her next cd comes out.


Yea maybe but she is a professional entertainer and gets payed to do stuff like this. I don't think she got stage fright but maybe freaked out cuz she hasn't sang in public in a long time let alone the Super Bowl.


She was probably just a little bit more nervous than all the other times she sang it because it was the Super Bowl. I can understand that. I would probably pee my pants and run off the stage


She either 1)had like stage fright or something-or-2)she WANTED attention therefore,messed up on that so ppl would give her the attention she wanted... i think,from my options,it was the 2nd one bcz she hasnt been noticed that much lately....


Well, that's nice that she was perfect during rehearsal, but when it mattered she fucked up royally!! I mean come on, how much did they pay her to not fuck up!!?? Oops she did it again...oh wrong girl.


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