Breaking Dawn Update: Multiple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Sex Scenes Ahead!

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We already know that Edward and Bella will have sex in Breaking Dawn. We've even seen the photographic evidence.

But Twilight Saga star Jackson Rathbone has even steamier news for fans of this franchise: there's A LOT of hot action to come between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

"It definitely qualifies as shmexaaay," the actor told E! News last week. "It's a PG-13 movie, but also it is what it is and it's a union. They are consummating their relationship and they don't just do it once, let's put it that way."

Breaking Dawn Pic

Rob and Kristen are dating in real life, of course. Will viewers be able to see real-life chemistry on screen?

"Oh yeah," Rathbone laughed. "It sizzles, man. It sizzles like bacon!"

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*Stephanie Meyers.: please continue writing the Twilight Saga. There are so many places to go. I realize that the actors will have moved on the books would be great. And to Rob I love all of your movies. Keep em coming. Oh by the way Im not a tween I am 61


Team Taylor! I do love Edward! I can't wait for the movie!


kstew iz hot luv her, ed go go go


i am so ready for this iv read the book ten times it seems n still knt imagine wat suma the movie scenes r guna end up as! Its guna b hot! Love me sum twlight! O n team edward bt looove sum sexi taylor lautner!


i am all team edward n he cn break my head board n cover me in feathers ny day
love jacob 2 but prefer edward/rob yummy


OME i cnt wait 2 c BD im goin crazy ere, der dun filmin so y cnt it come out nw its bad enuf der makin us wait till 2012


Miss priss wow im teamjacob(taylor)but i dont really like edward but for sure i luv robert and i really do hope those to are together ,stay together,and they should keep it on the d.l and is it judt me or jacob imprintin on a baby is ....umm different(sayin it in nice words) just sayin but if there almost done with the movie y does it have to come out in nov. When it almost done and its april?


Way team edward(robert) jacob is stupid f*ck all the hater i dont care wat u say by byatches!


Cant wait 2 see d film. Love belward n robsten. Jacob sucks!


hope there would be another chapter after breaking dawn because we want to know what will happen to reneesme and jacob and the rest of the cast.