Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: How Did It End?

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He was older and he hated the attention.

Those were the reasons cited by sources for Jake Gyllenhaal's decision to split with Taylor Swift after a few weeks of dating.

But the latest issue of Us Weekly claims to have all the real scoop on the break-up, highlighted by this supposed fact: Jake dumped Taylor over the phone!


If true, this would mark the second time Swift has received sad news in such a manner. Joe Jonas (in)famously broke her heart with a 27-second call a couple years ago.

Taylor on Us

How is Taylor taking the split? Not well.

At last week's People's Choice Awards, a friend says the singer “was not her usual bubbly self. She didn’t eat anything, seemed very sad and definitely wasn’t having a good time."

At one point, Taylor found Selena Gomez and reportedly and said to her: ‘It’s so good to see you. I need a friend tonight.’”


She has not been with that many guys people you can't believe everything you hear or read BTW just because shes dating doesn't mean she's having sex that's y harry broke up with her Taylor is a very nice person people need to be nice considering You have no idea who she really dated


Jake is gay, Taylor is publicity wh*re - SHOWMANCE didn't work.


Jakew is gay, Taylor is publicitzy wh*re - showmance didn't work.


She might be famous but she's a normal girl too...
So all of you just leave Taylor alone


Yeah, how many times has a guy dumped HER now? Put the pieces together. Every time someone drops her she has to throw a public tantrum about it too...how mature.


Jake is becoming a nobody...and Taylor will ALWAYS be a somebody because she is and will always be this amazing talent. Taylor Swift is one heck of a talented woman becoming her own. She will find a real grown up, mature man that will be able to stand up in life. You go girl...you Taylor are awesome. XO


Poor Taylor... breaking up is not easy and it is painful... As someone once told me, if a guy doesn't want you then you are too good for him. :] As a fan I am proud of Taylor for putting on a brave face for the world.


i agree with you so over it she is kinda slutty now and to damn skinny its look like shes on drugs i wounder


she's been with a lot of guys. especially for someone her age. she's kinda slutty. what did she expect? he's older. they were never gonna last. a guy his age does not go out with a girl her age and plan on settling down with them, they do it for fun. obviously she wasn't even that great to be with cuz no one wants her for more then a few weeks or months. she needs to stop chasing after guys and just find a way to be happy with herself and not need a guy.


he was a lucke guy to have sex with har. i like to have sex with her to. it wood be fun.////

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