Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift: It's Over!

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Good. We were sick of writing the word Swiftenhaal anyway...

Multiple sources confirm that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have ended their brief romance.

The couple split prior to New Year's Eve, with Gyllenhaal actually being the one to put the kabosh on a romance that began in October.


"Jake reached out to her and started all of this, but now he’s not acting as interested," an insider tells Us Weekly. "He said he wasn't feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got. He also said he could feel the age difference."

After initially attempting to keep its fling private, the duo was spotted out multiple times in December. Most witnesses said they looked very much into each other.

"Taylor is really upset," this source added. "We told her not to move so fast with this but she didn't listen."

Hey, at least it will make good material for a future hit song!

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im glad she split yp with him, he l@@ks old in that suit!!!!!!!!!!!!ahahahhahhahaha


glad its over. i dont consider taylor pretty at all. she will look like a witch when she get old. her face is pinched and white. but hey taylor i love your voice but not you


Probably a typical man, once he got her booty, he got bored.


i'm so sorry taylor,for what had happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you taylor,you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow Taylor Swift will be in Singapore performing live at Indoor Stadium in February 2011


i love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


how sweetttttttttttt


there is nothing about their all he just wanted is to break up with her am sorry taylor


First of, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor (in a girl crush way). But I'm glad that they're over. Yes they were cute while they lasted, but the age difference thing just does not agree with me. She likes older guys, I get that, an 8 year age difference is just too big. I might be sort of old fashioned in this sense :P


ok its not jack its jake g get it right and she uses guys to write a hit song i don;t like her and she'll never find the right guy because she dates them and breaks up with them so she'll never find the right guy.

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