Snooki and JWoww to Face "New Challenges" on Jersey Shore Spinoff

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Snooki and JWoww, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley, will be facing some serious life challenges on their upcoming Jersey Shore spinoff pilot.

The question is ... are they up for them?

Effin Snooki

Mortgages, career decisions, toilet paper ... this is a reality show about coming of age. And coming on to hot guys while showing major cleave.

The "story line" for the new show, which is separate from Jersey Shore season four: Snooki moves in with JWoww, but cannot deal with real-life problems.

When they set out to buy a $1.5 million pad, for instance, they don't know what a mortgage is ... or how to write a check for that matter. They're not smart.

Eh, maybe we should cut 'em some slack, since they supposedly get distracted by a "hot mortgage broker." There's a contradiction in terms for you.

Conflict also erupts, according to a script obtained by TMZ, because Snooki "made a mess of the bathroom and didn't change the toilet paper."

She also "ate a ton of JWoww's food." Is there any way this won't be a hit?!

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All of you peple talking negatively on here, your ridiculous. Why in the world would you spend so mich time and energy hating something this much. Or I should say, pretending to hate it. You obviously have some interest in them if you're on this site and you know how stupid they are. Its pathetic. Most likely you've all seen the show. And yes, theyre stupid and dumb and just now figuring out how to life, but thats what its supposed to be! Thats what makes it funny just like all the other reality shows. If you don't like it or them then dont watch it or read about them. Nobody wants to hear your jealousy anyways. Get over yourselves.


@mia: your an idiot. Get a life.


Fuck x2 yous all x if you gy's aint a Fan of the jersey shore than stop tallking shit cause you guy's aint all that huh ? they are not stupid that'show life is? , and stop putting down other's cause they dont even know who the fucking face you are ? JWoww and snooki they are also beautifull and fabulous and yep they ar all that huh x just because u aint have some money to afford ur ass no wonder y? u talking biarrrch like an old lady who scrub the shit from the toilet.....x if yous aint like it than keep ur bum hole shut ok x slut whore ur dad's face....Jersey shore is one of the best series i ever watch?


Why would anyone watch this crap....


Whats snooki gonna do??? have a party, serve some hot guy booze, let him drive his car and kill himself........again. you go girl.


I might as well comment with something positive. I like the show. And I don't think they're 100% stupid. I will watch. :)


A script? Did snooki and jwoww write it? They're authors you know...ha


Snookie has a face of a witch. Just pay close attention to her face and u'll see that im not trippin!! Shes fuken ugly! && then jenny looks like a fuken man!! Not fans of them at all!


oh my god thank the lord that ever one else agrees with me about them both but to be honest i hate the whole damn show i wish that i could become rich like snookie and mike off of just being ugly ass hell and stupid and yeah jenny thinks she is the shit but all she really is, is nothing but shit. I cant stand a ugly ass girl yeah girl cause she aint no woman to think she is gods gift to men dear heart get a real life and grow up u aint all that


When will they ever go away? Ugh. Their stupidity is just painful. Is this really how they want the world too see them forever? As stupids ass drunken idiots? I bet we'll soon be hearing more whining about how unfair it is that people judge them so harshly and they don't understand why.... Good luck getting a real job someday girls.