Oksana's Bodyguard: Mel Wanted Me Dead! DEAD!

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Mel Gibson wanted Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard, Kristian Herzog, murdered ... well, at least according to the uber-shady dude's last will and testament.

Radar Online found the document somehow, as well as emails Herzog - a twice-convicted felon who claims he put it to Oksana - sent her this fall.

"I fear that Mel Gibson may try and have me murdered," he wrote in the will.

This just gets weirder by the day.

"I was told that my actions supporting Oksana Grigorieva have greatly disturbed Mel Gibson and he has made comments about having me killed."

Seriously, dude, murder? We all know Mel has anger issues up the wazoo, but you expect us to believe he wanted to TAKE YOUR LIFE? Please.

The murder-for-hire plot is the latest shocking charge from Kristian Herzog, who claimed he and Grigorieva were romantically involved this year.

He calls Grigorieva "my best friend in the world" in the will, in which leaves "100% of any and all that I own or control" to ... Oksana, obviously.

He also touted the reasons why the actor wanted him killed, namely that he had four mistresses who Kristian Herzog had been trying to expose.

"I am also the one that has been trying to get all of Mel Gibson's 4 other mistresses (NOT V.K.) and former staff to come forward and tell the truth about how Gibson assaulted and abused Oksana Grigorieva and her children," Herzog wrote.

V.K. was an apparent reference to Polish porn star Violet Kowal, who claimed she had a steamy three-month love affair with Gibson in Malibu.

That was right around the time of Mel's infamous blowout with Oksana in early 2010. Grigorieva has recently charged that Mel cheated on her.

Herzog also claimed he and Grigorieva felt her lawyers "were working in concert with Mel Gibson's attorneys and NOT looking out for [Oksana]."

He said: "Although I have NO plan to ever take my own life, I am writing this my last will and testament just in case Mel Gibson has me killed."

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Why didn't Mel record Oskana when she was being abusive. Her bodyguard Hertog is a delusional thug. They are only after money they see Mel as their cashcow. They are using the baby as a mealticket. She got a house out of Mel to live in for herself and son she's demanding more child payments how much does a baby need. Mel invested money in her so called pathetic singing career about 5 million. She asks Mel in the tapes to take her son Alex to a game in his private box. She is just using Mel for his money and she wants more money. Most Dads don't give houses & pay her lawyer fees. Oskana is a cunt.


The court hasn't taken Mel's vivitation rights but even increased it must have found something. Herzog and Oksana seem to be close and it's only for the sake of the baby that the court ordered Herzog away. There wouldn't be any problem with them being close if the baby weren't there but if the baby isn't there Oksana's family meal ticket nand Mel's house they're living in will be gone.


Mel already admitted in his tapes that he was "capable of" murder. He threatened to murder his girlfriend, set fire to her home, and bury her in the garden. So it's not such a stretch that he would consider knocking off her bodyguard.


Spelling error: "canoe" instead of "new". Oops that's wrong too. "Kanew" not "new". Wrong again, oh yeah, "knew" not "new". Glad I caught it before the gramar police got me. btw, eye spelld grammar rong two.


I once new people who, like Mel Gibson, tried to put fear into other people. They subversively made threats and would mention guns etc. These type of people are nothing but scaredy cats who sit around licking their rotten pu**y. Stupid insecure sociopathic people like that have no soul, no depth, no genuineness to them, nothing but a vast disturbed unsettled emptiness inside with the inability to love. These type of people are jealous of people who have something they lack caled "substance". The only substance I can remember them having is that powdery stuff they use to snort to get high. I'm glad to see that Oksana has exposed Mel Gibson for the person he really is. Either way, given the law of return, he would have eventually got what was coming to him. No worries. Bhikkhu is right, something we need to pray and meditate on. I'll "Ohm shanti" that.


24 Nov. City of the Lion in the low lands. Namaste, Where is that KGB sniper I asked for? Goddammned. Do I have to do everything myself here? Load that rifle. But for who is it? Is it for Mel or for Oksana? Or both? No not both. Can't have it both ways. But who then? That would be a mystery. I am not going to reveil it. Or else I will be arrested for giving deathtreats. Luckily we don't have voicerecording intertnet yet. Cause then somebody could be inspired by Oksana. And some new tapes would be in the making.
But how easy it all is. If they all just become spiritual then everybody is happy. So let's meditate and pray on that. Ohm mani padme hum. (108x) Ohm tare tutare tare. (108x) Siddhi.(108x) Ohm shanti. Ohm shanti.


Oksana is a thug!


What's important here is that the email is dated the day after the explosive Hollywood Reporter interview with Violet's friend/colleague, hit the internet. It transcribes a taped phone conversation where Herzog threatens them to beef up their story against Mel or else. This is Herzog's last ditch effort to save face. I got the impression her father who he considers family wasn't in the US that much. He is obviously a thug who was in it for money and recognition. She should have cut him off right then and there and filed a restraining order. It's always safer when you go public. The lawyers reason for waiting was bs. She has very poor judgment in people. Two thugs in a row. Gibson and Herzog. Those poor children.


This bodyguard is an idiot. Mel was glad to be rid of Ox and only wanted Herzog out of the picture since he was a 2-time felon. Of course, it took a TRO to do so, since Ox cares so little about her children.


Oksana's camp would have more to lose if this guy tells the truth. They are the ones who really need to silence him but because he was their muscleman who used to do the threatening for them, they just butter him up and stay on his good side.

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